Nimble Storage Achieves Six-nines Availability Powered by InfoSight Predictive Analytics

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Nimble_logoNimble Storage (NYSE: NMBL), a leader in predictive flash storage, announced its Predictive Flash Platform achieves over six-nines (99.999928%) availability, a new standard for up-time in the infrastructure industry. This level of availability translates to an impact of fewer than 25 seconds annually, empowering IT staff to focus on business priorities instead of routine maintenance with an infrastructure that gets smarter every single day. Through the deep predictive analytics and machine learning capabilities of InfoSight, Nimble is able to tackle the ever-present bottleneck between data and the application – also known as the app-data gap – to ensure customers can operate their businesses at peak speed, without worrying about the burden of downtime.

Flash-optimized arrays are quickly becoming the mainstream enterprise storage deployment model for mixed workloads, and customers are depending on these systems to consistently meet mission-critical requirements,” said Eric Burgener, research director Storage, IDC.  “Nimble Storage has demonstrated ‘six-nines plus’ availability, as it is based on actual measured, rather than projected, uptime across their entire installed base, giving their customers the confidence to deploy these solutions for even the most demanding applications.”

Digital transformation of business has led to extraordinary gains in productivity and growth for today’s enterprises. Organizations rely on applications to accelerate core business processes and to drive digital transformation, and these applications in turn expect fast, uninterrupted access to data from the underlying infrastructure. Infrastructure constraints that create an app-data gap negatively impact business outcomes. However, as more and more companies rely on applications and IT, business risk increases. Reducing that risk has become a major focus of IT organizations. The Nimble Predictive Flash platform leverages flash and cloud-based predictive analytics to eliminate the app-data gap and deliver unparalleled operational simplicity, infrastructure availability and cross-stack visibility.

Uptime is instrumental to business success – if systems go down, one can expect productivity losses and unhappy customers, all of which negatively affects revenue. We’ve found as we apply deep data analytics and machine learning across a growing number of arrays, collective availability also increases,” said Rod Bagg, vice president of analytics and customer support, Nimble Storage. “Nimble arrays get smarter over time and our customers are reaping the benefits, with six-nines availability now a reality. Five-nines may be considered the gold standard of system uptime, but we are redefining what ‘gold’ truly means.”

The pioneering InfoSight Predictive Analytics framework, built into the Nimble architecture from inception, gives Nimble a unique and unmatched ability to measure and observe the actual availability of each and every system. InfoSight collects millions of data points per array per day to proactively prevent issues across the infrastructure stack and ensure optimal uptime. By aggregating and analyzing data across the Nimble installed base, InfoSight Predictive Analytics learns to identify and prevent causes of downtime before they occur. The collective pool of historical data Nimble has acquired, which is generated across the company’s installed base of over 9,450 customers and spans over 315 million hours’ worth of measured availability across All Flash and Adaptive Flash arrays, provides unparalleled visibility into infrastructure performance. As the InfoSight database grows, so does its intelligence. The machine learning capabilities built into the Nimble Predictive Flash platform have enabled the current availability to reach over 99.9999% uptime, observed and measured using predictive analytics.

Our customers expect a high level of performance from our services and they should never have to worry about application delays and other problems when accessing their data,” said William Bell, vice president, phoenixNAP. “InfoSight provides us visibility into all of our customer’s environments and enables us to gain a competitive edge by avoiding business disruption and wasted time dealing with infrastructure problems. Ensuring industry-leading uptime and availability, Nimble enhances reliability of our services and helps us keep pace with rigorous customer demands. Without our partnership, it would be impossible to achieve our SLAs.”


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