Datorama Now Elevates Insights Through Voice-Driven Marketing Analytics

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datorama+logoDatorama, a leading global marketing analytics company, announced that its marketing analytics platform has integrated with Amazon Alexa to provide today’s business professionals with an all-new capability: to interact with their data by simply using their voice.

Called “Ask Datorama Anything”, this new functionality allows marketers to ask questions and issue commands to Datorama’s Marketing Integration Engine via Amazon’s Alexa-powered smart devices, such as Echo and Echo Dot. Now the modern marketer can intuitively understand critical marketing information and trigger workflows at their desk, within meetings or in the boardroom, thereby expanding the accessibility of their respective data to “just in time” situations.

In response to the ever-increasing complexity of today’s marketing technology (MarTech) stacks, increased budgets and greater accountability, marketers are elevating their analytics approach beyond siloed reporting. In its place, professionals are adopting an integrated approach that connects marketing performance, outcomes and investments across all of their channels, programs and stakeholders. The result is a single source of data to power better decision making and collaboration. To fully complete the journey from data to decisioning, removing any friction from data accessibility is critical to securing the marketing organization’s use of data in all their daily decision making.

With “Ask Datorama Anything,” marketers using the platform now have an agile way to access their data to complement Datorama’s visualization, reporting and automated insights capabilities.

Take, for example, a question about marketing’s performance:

Q: “Ask Datorama: What is my top performing campaign by clicks in the last week?”

A: “Your top performing campaign is ‘Holiday Free Shipping’ with 8,000 clicks.”

Another example — a question inquiring about marketing’s impact — that triggers a workflow:

Q: “Ask Datorama: Can you send me a breakdown of my top performing campaigns by ROI this quarter?”

A: “The visualization you asked for has been sent to your mailbox. It should be available shortly.”

This all-new integration with Amazon Alexa builds on our goal of supporting every marketing decision with the right data at the right time,” said Leah Pope, Datorama’s CMO. “Now, everyday actions and strategic questions — such as drivers of ROI, sales and revenue — can benefit from real-time access to the right analytics while enabling collaboration across teams and stakeholders. The best part of this capability is that you can interact with your marketing data in natural language, at the speed of conversation.”

Datorama works with more than 2,000 brands, and over 300 agencies, publishers and technology companies. Global customers include L’Oréal, Foursquare, Yahoo! JAPAN, GoDaddy and many more. Recently, in a commissioned study by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Datorama, Forrester discovered a Total Economic Impact benefit over $9.8MM for a single enterprise. In addition, Datorama was identified as a 2016 Gartner Cool Vendor in Data-Driven Marketing, in part, due to the Marketing Integration Engine’s functionally distinct capability.


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