2017 State of Analytics Adoption Report

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Logi_Analytics_reportThe annual State of Analytics Adoption Report by our friends at Logi Analytics provides insights for executives, product managers, and technology leaders on how broadly and deeply users are adopting business intelligence and analytics tools.

The 2017 survey respondents included members of IT teams who provide analytics tools to end users, as well as the end users of BI and analytics tools. The majority (65 percent) of respondents were from North America, with 28 percent from the United Kingdom.

Respondents’ roles were primarily department managers (24 percent) and individual contributors (30 percent), with 16 percent identifying  themselves as executives, 6 percent as corporate analysts, and 25 percent as “other.” A variety of industries were represented, including technology, education, healthcare, retail, and manufacturing.

The 2017 survey found that embedding analytics at the heart of products people already use is the best way to ensure user adoption of business  intelligence. Given the findings in this report, Logi Analytics offers four predictions on what will affect the analytics market – and especially user adoption of analytics – over the next few years. Download the report HERE.



The contents of the report include:

  • The State of Analytics Today
  • User Adoption of Analytics Is Steadily Declining
  • Why Is User Adoption Still Low?
  • The Value of Embedded Analytics
  • Conclusion


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