Realm Mobile Platform 1.0 Empowers Developers to Rapidly Build Data-Powered, Reactive and Responsive Mobile Applications

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Realm_logoRealm, the mobile database powering responsive applications, today announced the general availability of Realm Mobile Platform 1.0, a breakthrough approach for developers to build data-powered, highly reactive mobile applications. The new mobile platform makes it easy for developers to build mobile applications with two-way data synchronization and event handling that can connect to existing services, legacy databases and business logic. This represents a significant step forward for unlocking corporate data and using it in reactive mobile applications in markets ranging from e-commerce to healthcare to HR to finance.

Realm Mobile Platform 1.0 builds on the beta version, launched last September. The platform combines the Realm Mobile Database, the undisputed leading third-party mobile database powering over one billion applications, with Realm Object Server, an object synchronization and event handling server that works with Realm’s mobile database to keep data in sync across devices seamlessly and automatically. A number of new features have been added to the commercial version of the Realm Mobile Platform to further enhance its value to enterprise customers including:

  • Realm Data Connector API (API Bridge): With the new Data Connector API, customers can connect and synchronize in real time a mobile application with existing backend database systems of record such as Oracle, MongoDB, Hadoop, SAP HANA, Postgres and Redis. This opens up high-value legacy and third-party APIs for use in fully modern and highly responsive mobile applications.
  • Horizontal Scaling: Realm customers can seamlessly combine multiple Realm Object Server instances, to easily scale to serve millions of simultaneous users.
  • Continuous Backup: Built-in backup functionality ensures customers that their user and app data is continuously and automatically preserved in the event of a disaster.

For companies using mobile apps to extend their existing business and brand, the Realm Data Connector API is an ideal way to connect the apps with their existing systems and processes. For example, if a retailer wants to create a mobile application using the Realm Mobile Platform, they can create a direct connection from Realm to their database to ensure that mobile transactions register accurately in their existing database system of record. This also helps the retailer mobilize their existing data and add realtime synchronization.

The commercial launch of the Realm Mobile Platform is a significant milestone for developers and mobile businesses,” said Alexander Stigsen, cofounder and CEO of Realm. “By providing an easy way for them to build apps that deliver responsive and engaging experiences, as well as to integrate with existing databases and legacy APIs, we are enabling the next generation of powerful mobile experiences.”

Pricing and Availability

The Realm Mobile Platform can run on premises or in the cloud, is easily integrated into a company’s existing infrastructure and offers simple monitoring and administration. It is available immediately in a free Developer Edition, a Professional Edition aimed at medium sized businesses, and an Enterprise Edition that can scale to handle even the largest use cases. The Professional and Enterprise Editions are priced based on the size of the deployment. The Realm Mobile Database, which powers over one billion mobile applications, is open source and available for free from


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