Five Ways Data Analytics Will Storm the Stage in 2017

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It is becoming more and more apparent how data analysis is driving e-commerce revenues. And this growing importance has forced e-tailers and e-commerce firms to hire more data scientists in order to better understand how customer engagement impacts revenue and sales.

This assessment comes from SOASTA, a leader in performance analytics, who reveals that data analytics is important in all aspects of the organization – from digital transformation to digital performance management.

SOASTA predicts that these are the five ways data analytics will storm the stage in 2017:

  1. Engineering and DevOps teams will need to manage performance like a product, using data from monitoring solutions and advanced analytics to shift from firefighting to most recent issues or optimizing the slowest pages to identifying the key areas that need attention.
  2. Data scientists will become social “glue” that will compel business and technology teams to work in close collaboration, because data teams will continue to discover strong correlations between business metrics and technical metrics.
  3. Machine learning will evolve beyond theory into a business reality. ML problem alerts will carry context created through Big Data insights that support quick diagnosis and remediation.
  4. New technologies, including stream processing and data integration in the stream, will emerge.
  5. Data analytics will serve as a beacon for organizations to sail into uncharted waters.


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