Conversica Delivers Major Upgrades to AI-powered Business Conversations

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Conversica, Inc., a leader in artificial intelligence-powered business conversations, announced significant enhancements to its flagship product, the Conversica® AI Sales Assistant. Conversica leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to take on routine business conversations like contacting and qualifying sales leads, freeing up human salespeople to close more deals.

The upgrades to the Conversica platform were made with customer requests in mind and encompass an enhanced Natural Language Processing engine for improved conversational accuracy and maximum scalability, new time recognition intelligence and automated FAQ response capabilities, and a completely redesigned and streamlined user experience. These enhancements follow the company’s previous announcement of its latest AI assistant, powering the service departments of automotive dealerships.

There is no doubt that Conversica is making a big difference in how our company converts prospects into closed sales,” commented Kathryn Morrill, Inside Sales & Marketing Manager at Coolfront Technologies. “Conversica helps ensure that our leads are followed up and get the attention they deserve. Then when the customer is ready to buy, the Conversica solution makes an immediate handoff to our human salespeople. This makes our sales teams – and our entire sales process – much more effective. And that means we’re selling more software.”

The Conversica conversational AI platform is built upon a proprietary future-proof architecture that combines machine learning with three kinds of artificial intelligence: Natural Language Processing to understand incoming messages, an Inference Engine for decision-making and Natural Language Generation to create customized, helpful and humanlike messages at scale.  An extensive third-party integration framework connects Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems and marketing automation systems to deliver a complete lead engagement solution for customers in both B2C and B2B industries.  The solution leverages learnings from over 200 million human sales interactions over seven years to autonomously read, understand and respond to incoming messages within minutes, thereby maximizing lead engagement while keeping the human sales team updated every step of the way.

Conversica’s deep market expertise in AI technology and sales and marketing processes, along with keen responsiveness to customer requests, are the basis for the delivery of numerous enhancements to the platform, including:

  • “Generation 3” Enhanced AI – Additional scalability to support the needs of large, global customers with a high message volume, as well as increased flexibility and processing power to handle a wider variety of conversational scenarios.
  • Enhanced Third-Party Integration – Conversica technology integrates with more than 45 customer CRM, marketing automation and lead management systems, including solutions from, Marketo, Oracle, HubSpot and Velocify.  New capabilities have enabled tighter integration with current partners and open the door to an expanded cadre of new ones.
  • Automated FAQ – Improved AI capabilities that can interpret customer intent and respond to common questions without disturbing a human, freeing up even more time by handling routine requests.
  • New User Dashboard – With a modern, streamlined user interface, salespeople and managers find the right information more quickly to assess how well their AI Sales Assistant is working on their behalf. Customizable tools and controls facilitate and expedite account management tasks, while more flexible reporting options enable users to drill down on specific details as needed for a custom view of their sales assistant implementation.
  • Timeline Intelligence – By recognizing how time influences conversation flow, Conversica AI maximizes prospect engagement while minimizing potential for prospect frustration. These new capabilities elegantly enable the Conversica solution to read and appropriately act upon timing-related customer responses, such as out-of-office messages or responses like, “Please reach out to me again in three weeks.”
  • Enhanced Alerting Functionality – At the critical point of hand-off from the AI sales assistant to the salesperson, enhanced email, SMS text and CRM alerts deliver just the right information and context for prompt and seamless follow-up. Users can tailor when and how they are alerted and can easily provide feedback to the AI to enhance machine learning and improve future interactions.
  • AI Automotive Service Assistant – Introduced last year, the new AI Automotive Service Assistant addresses the specific needs of dealership fixed operations departments that are continually striving to strengthen their customer relationships and boost lifetime value. The assistant follows up on inbound requests and proactively reaches out when service appointments are due, based on service intervals, recall notices and previously postponed service needs.

These enhancements will serve Conversica’s more than 1,000 customers and 16,000+ active users in a variety of global industries, including technology, automotive, higher education, finance, insurance, real estate and hospitality. Customers including Fortune 500 companies such as IBM and Epson, high-growth companies such as Talend and Cake (a Sysco company), and modern small businesses such as SelectQuote and Coolfront trust Conversica to successfully interact with their customers and ensure that every lead is followed up.

With the knowledge garnered from millions of human-to-AI customer conversations over seven years, we continue to improve our product with each release,” commented Conversica CEO Alex Terry. “This is why Conversica is so valuable to the sales and marketing organizations that we serve and why the company has such substantial market momentum, including our current Series B funding round. We’re laser-focused on empowering sales teams to become more efficient and concentrate on high-value activities.”


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