Cazena Announces New Data Science Sandbox as a Service

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Cazena unveiled its Data Science Sandbox as a Service. The service is designed to deliver significantly faster outcomes from data science and analytics programs. Now, data scientists can run a wide range of analytics in a flexible cloud environment without having to build, manage or maintain the underlying technology.

Cazena addresses a growing challenge: data scientists are in high-demand, but once hired, teams often lack adequate resources or DevOps expertise for advanced analytics. Data scientists are forced to wait for systems or build a platform themselves, which are both time-consuming options that delay results and distract from a team’s primary goals.

With Cazena’s Data Science Sandbox as a Service, it only takes three clicks to start running analytics in the cloud. Cazena bundles components into a single Sandbox with end-to-end capabilities, including data storage, processing, security, tools and embedded support for R, Python, SQL and other analytics. Data scientists can interact with Cazena easily through a web interface, their preferred apps/scripts or built-in tools such as RStudioServer Pro or Hue Notebooks. Additional storage and processing power is available on-demand so data scientists are never constrained. Cazena’s built-in data movers securely transfer data sets from cloud or enterprise data sources, making it easy to consolidate data in a Data Science Sandbox.

To underscore its usability, Cazena announced that data scientists can use the Sandbox as a Service for free for one week. Analytics teams can load their own datasets and use familiar analytic methods to run real projects. Hands-on access is the best way for many to appreciate its ease of use and end-to-end capabilities.

It typically takes weeks or months to setup and learn a complex data processing environment like this,” said Prat Moghe, founder and CEO of Cazena. “But data scientists find that they can get going with Cazena in minutes and see real outcomes within a week. Our vision is to offer self-serve on-demand analytic infrastructure to lines of business that want faster outcomes without requiring to skill up or expand resources.”

Cazena is delivered “as a service” on Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS). The platform provides monitoring, management and support, and is regularly upgraded with new technologies. Cazena uses a variety of open source, custom and best-of-breed technologies, including RStudio Server Pro, Apache Spark, Cloudera Hadoop components, and infrastructure and storage from cloud providers.

Cazena also helps companies:

  • Get the benefits of new technologies: For example, many data scientists are interested in using R on Spark, but lack the infrastructure or time to run Spark themselves. With Cazena, enterprises can quickly get the benefits of new developments without a learning curve.
  • Enable collaboration and focus: By using a single Cazena environment for data science and analytics teams, time can be spent more efficiently without having to wait for infrastructure, ship datasets around, manage versions or troubleshoot technology.
  • Build data pipelines: The Sandbox as a Service significantly evolves Cazena’s analytic platform, which supports an entire data pipeline: easily collect and ingest data; prepare and stage it; fit and run models; or, easily deploy to production in another data or operational system. The company also offers a Data Mart as a Service for SQL/BI workloads and Data Lake as a Service for Hadoop/Spark batch workloads.


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