Apache Spot (Incubating) Provides Scalable, Flexible, Open Source Cybersecurity Hub for Forensic, Telemetry and Contextual Data

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Cloudera, a provider of a data management, analytics and machine learning platform built on the latest open source technologies, announced that Apache Spot (incubating) now acts as a modern, open-source solution that can economically provide a comprehensive cybersecurity hub for forensic, telemetry, and contextual data. These capabilities combined with log management, compliance, reporting and advanced netflow analytics are being used to power machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) cybersecurity applications for advanced threat hunting and reduced mean time to detection and investigation. Since Spot’s launch in September of 2016, Cloudera, alongside Intel and other project collaborators, have continued to accelerate the larger vision of fighting cybercrime via a community supported open data model.

In today’s cybersecurity landscape, there is a proliferation of data that organizations need to constantly monitor. Cyber criminals have discovered ways to learn from one another, while enterprises have been operating independently to fight threats. Spot allows security operation centers to break down siloed proprietary application data repositories by creating a single, shared open data model that any vendor or custom security application can plug into. Spot also works with the Apache Spark community, enabling organizations to harness the parallel processing power for advanced detection using machine learning and AI.

Cobbling together cybersecurity applications without a common architecture creates data silos that limit the effectiveness of advanced analytics that can be used for faster threat detection, investigation and remediation,” said Tom Reilly, chief executive officer at Cloudera. “The Apache Spot project is breaking down data constraints to open up new analytics capabilities, enabling organizations across industries to reduce risk.”

In September 2016, Intel donated Spot to the Apache Software Foundation with Cloudera’s support. This donation marked a significant milestone for the cybersecurity industry. Intel and Cloudera’s efforts towards Apache Spot have provided a new level of cybersecurity response and the community at large continues to discover new analytics functionality for detecting advanced cyber threats that are impacting our society. Since launching, Apache Spot has already been recognized by the industry and awarded InfoWorld’s 2017 Technology of the Year and an Edison Award for Collective Disruption.

The momentum generated behind the Apache Spot community is allowing us to collectively come together to enable AI and provide comprehensive visibility across all security data using an open, scalable platform,” said Alan Ross, senior principal engineer and chief cloud security architect. “Spot’s open data models, scalability, and flexibility has fostered a rich ecosystem of AI-based applications that can run simultaneously on a single, shared, enriched data set.”


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