Artificial Intelligence App Game Changer for Health Care Technology in the US

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Health technology company Ada has brought a new artificial intelligence (AI) powered health companion to the US, providing Americans with a more personalized way to assess and monitor their health. Designed to grow smarter as users engage with it, Ada’s intelligence not only offers users a sophisticated and tailored health assessment, ­ it also supports doctors in providing more accurate assessments and, through data collection and analysis, has the ability to help patients and doctors monitor health situations over time.

Developed by a team of medical doctors and scientists, Ada’s AI engine is a representation of where personal and community health care is headed. Since Ada’s global launch this past winter, the app has already climbed to no. 1 medical app in the App Store in more than 120 countries. It jumped to no. 1 medical app in the US seeing more than 25,000 downloads within the first week of being live in the US, demonstrating a clear consumer demand. It launched on Android this week.

While the topic of machine learning and AI comes with some unknowns, in the medical field, we know the future of AI is bright and the possibilities are endless,” said Daniel Nathrath, Ada co-founder and Chief Executive Officer. “We’re at the forefront of something special. Ada continues to grow more intelligent with each passing day. US health care costs are the highest in the world and on the rise. Digital health technologies like Ada have the ability to cut costs significantly and improve access to health care for all Americans.”

Ada intelligently checks symptoms by asking simple and individualized questions without complicated medical jargon, and becomes smarter as it becomes familiar with the user’s medical history. A detailed symptom assessment report is generated by analyzing all the symptom information provided by users, which can then be shared with the user’s doctor.

Notable features & benefits for individuals and community health include:

  • Allows individuals to check almost any symptom, from common cold to rare diseases, by answering simple, personalized questions about their health.
  • Builds and stores an overview of users’ health situation (i.e. allergies, medications, symptoms) ­ secure, up to date, and accessible from their pocket.
  • Allows users to track the health of loved ones through a multi-profile management platform ­ ideal for parents with young children, and adults with aging parents.
  • Makes the most of the user’s time spent in the doctor’s office.
  • Free access to high quality health information and care for everyone in the world.

Notable features & benefits for doctors include:

  • Earlier and better health assessment through a sophisticated decision support system.
  • Ada generates detailed symptom assessment reports that users are able to share with their doctors in advance, or during office visits.
  • Saves doctors a significant amount of time, enabling them to focus on core competencies and provide more personalized patient care.


What’s special about Ada is the level of detail and personalization of each interaction,” said Dr. Claire Novorol, Ada Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer. “At each step during an assessment, Ada carefully selects follow-up questions to gather the information that matters the most. But that’s not all ­ Ada can also help you to track symptoms and outcomes, which further improves and individualizes the experience over time. This has obvious benefits for those using Ada to assess, understand, monitor and manage their own health. Doctors are excited about it too, as Ada often collects important details that they might have otherwise missed or not had time to ask about.”


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