Some Simple Applications of Artificial Intelligence

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The latest technology now is artificial intelligence. The importance of this technology cannot be over emphasized. This is why app developers usually make use of it in many app development projects. To underscore the usefulness of artificial intelligence, some of its applications have been outlined below.

The industry that first made use of artificial intelligence is the video game industry. Have you played any of the fighting or soccer games? These two kinds of games showcase the beauty of artificial intelligence. Further, have you tried playing either of these classes of games on a computer without the second control pad in use? When you play soccer, you will select your team and the computer will select its team. When the game is running, the computer will play against you and its moves will be based on yours. It will dribble you, head towards your goal post and even try to score, and if you are heading towards its own goal post, it will play a defensive game. Remember, nobody is making use of the second control pad. That is artificial intelligence.

Take a popular old fighting game like Street Fighter II or Killer Instinct for instance. You will choose your character and the computer will choose its own. When the game is running, the computer’s character will fight you as if someone is controlling it. It will block your moves or dodge them and even attack you based on the selected difficulty level. These days, mobile app developers have developed several games like that. It is even better as you will usually play the mobile games alone.

The simplest application of artificial intelligence is with typing on your mobile device. Have you observed that when you are trying to type a text, after typing the first couple of letters of a word, several words starting with those letters will appear for you to choose the word you are trying to type. Once you are done with the word, the same thing will happen with the next word until you finish typing the text message. This makes typing much faster.

Virtual assistants like Siri, Cortana and Google – now also exhibit some artificial intelligence. When you ask them a question, they will use their database of information to answer the question. For instance, if you want to know the nearest university to your current location, you can ask them. Each of them will list out all the Universities whose addresses are close to your location.

Microsoft is already working on taking Cortana a step further. In a few years from now, Cortana will be able to study its user so much that it will begin to predict his/her needs and provide them even before he/she asks. That is nothing but artificial intelligence at its best.

Several factories have begun to employ robots. The advantages are numerous. A robot can do the job of over 20 men faster and more accurately. Robots don’t earn allowances and they do not earn any salaries. They do not go on leave and robots do not call in sick. Most importantly, robots work around the clock despite being able to work at an astonishing speed. Imagine how much a company will save on allowances and salaries of employees whose jobs have been taken over by robots.

Despite all the numerous advantages of artificial intelligence, there are a few drawbacks. The biggest one is the looming unemployment crisis. What will happen to people’s jobs when robots begin to send humans back to unemployment market? This is the major concern raised about the future of artificial intelligence.

Contributed by: Harnil Oza, CEO of Hyperlink Infosystem, a mobile app development company having a team of quality Indian app developers that delivers quality mobile solutions mainly on Android and iOS.


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