Alooma Provides Real-Time Data Pipelines to Google Cloud SQL and BigQuery

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Alooma, the modern data pipeline company, announced the integration of the Alooma service with Google Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL and Google Cloud SQL for MySQL. Support for these new Google Cloud services enables data scientists and engineers to create real-time data pipelines that continuously stream information from Cloud SQL to BigQuery and other cloud data warehouses for faster business decision-making.

Alooma enables streaming capabilities that allow organizations to enrich data on the fly and perform ultra-fast queries in order to uncover and immediately take action on new information. The service is in production with more than 50 customers in data-intensive industries.

The Alooma platform enables organizations to connect Google Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL and Google Cloud SQL for MySQL instances within minutes to Google BigQuery and other cloud data warehouses. It also supports dozens of the most popular data sources including MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, iOS, Android, Salesforce, REST, Segment, Mixpanel, Google Analytics, and many more. Alooma enables customers to satisfy security and privacy compliance regulations since data does not persist on the service.

Leading enterprises in virtually every industry are moving to a real-time data model to be more agile and achieve a competitive edge through faster and better decision making. Our support for the Google Cloud Platform ensures that customers can integrate all their disparate data silos with the cloud provider of their choice,” said Yoni Broyde, co-founder and CEO of Alooma. “Our existing support for Google BigQuery, and new integration with Google Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL and Google Cloud SQL for MySQL, are the latest examples of our close collaboration with Google.”

Alooma Data Streaming Service

Alooma provides the following capabilities and benefits:

  • Simple and Flexible Integrations – Easily get data in the format required to any data warehouse — whether it’s structured or semi-structured, direct or customized, static or changing.
  • Pipeline Transparency – View incoming events, monitor throughput and latency and identify errors in real time. Alooma Live provides a dashboard with continuous views of data in-motion and notifications with actionable information about pipelines.
  • Schema Management – When data changes, Alooma responds in real time to make sure no event is ever lost. Changes can be managed automatically, or notifications can be generated so changes can be made on demand.
  • Code Engine – Unlocks the power of streams by enabling data scientists/engineers to write  custom code to enrich and cleanse data, create alerts, implement sessionizing, detect anomalies and more.


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