Fauna Launches FaundaDB Serverless Cloud, Severless Database

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Fauna, Inc., makers of the first adaptive operational database, announced the general availability of FaunaDB Serverless Cloud. This release enables developers to rapidly implement and elastically scale cloud applications with zero capacity planning or provisioning.

FaunaDB Serverless Cloud is also the first cloud database to seamlessly span both Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform, replicating data in real-time for multi-cloud availability. Fauna will add Microsoft Azure support later this year.

FaunaDB has been in development for four years and is already in production at leading enterprises. FaunaDB Serverless Cloud brings the additional benefits of enterprise-grade scalability, distributed consistency, and security to the developer community–no infrastructure or operations experience required.

The serverless revolution is finally delivering on the original promise of the cloud: apps without operations,” said Evan Weaver, co-founder and CEO of Fauna. “FaunaDB delivers global replication, elastic scale, distributed consistency and enterprise-grade security with no operational overhead. The service seamlessly scales up and down to meet demand. Metered pricing lets our customers pay as they go, never pay for idle time, and never run out of capacity in a crisis.”

FaunaDB is a mission-critical component for companies that need to deliver products at global scale, increase infrastructure utilization, decrease operational overhead, and improve time to market. Customers using cloud and on-premise deployments of FaunaDB include NVIDIA, Breezeworks, ThinAir and industry leaders in data-rich industries such as social, mobile, SaaS, IoT, and gaming.

FaunaDB also runs in private clouds, and is the production operational database behind several customer-facing NVIDIA services, including the recently re-launched GeForce Experience 3.0. Bill Wagner, Director of Cloud Services at NVIDIA, said “We’ve been impressed with FaunaDB’s operational ease-of-use. It’s pretty incredible that it enables us to supports tens of millions of users with only two operations staff. When we had an unexpected regional outage, its global replication helped us maintain availability.” He added, “TCO is great too. After the launch, we optimized our service, reduced the number of data centers supporting our global customers, and cut our cloud infrastructure service bill significantly.”

ThinAir offers a security service that protects enterprise trade secrets and IP from exfiltration.

As a SaaS offering, we need elastic scale, along with built-in security and data isolation,” said Cliff Moon, Director of Engineering at ThinAir. “To meet our customers’ security requirements, we often need to migrate from the cloud to on-premises datacenters quickly and easily. FaunaDB Serverless Cloud uniquely supports these requirements, and we are very happy with our decision to implement it.”

Fauna has also partnered with Serverless, Inc. to deliver a seamless experience to developers adopting the serverless architecture.

Serverless promises greater developer productivity by eliminating infrastructure hassles,” said Austen Collins, CEO and Founder of Serverless, Inc. “For the serverless architecture to succeed, we need the absolute smoothest path-to-value for developers. That’s what FaunaDB Serverless Cloud delivers.”


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