Pandera Systems Unveils its iQ Management Suite Solution to Effectively Manage Investments in BI

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Pandera Systems, a leading, full-service business intelligence (BI) and analytics solutions provider, announces iQ, Pandera’s Analytics Management Suite. The suite builds on the unification of Pandera’s separate offerings to help companies become true data-driven organizations, which is a distinct business advantage in today’s competitive enterprise landscape. By synchronizing the execution, measurement and improvement of an organization’s BI ecosystem with iQ, business leaders can accelerate informed decision-making and knowledge dissemination, thus driving analytical skill development, productivity and ROI.

iQ provides technology leaders and company management with a more comprehensive picture of their environment, as well as the ability to harness data as an organization. This is more sophisticated than a monitoring tool and goes beyond simply offering training to employees,” said Matt Kelberman, delivery lead at Pandera Systems. “We have designed an offering like nothing the industry has seen before. Our platform evaluates inputs from frequently silo’d information like training statistics, development trends, infrastructure status, and even previously inaccessible correlations and trends. We apply analytics to multiple facets of your investments themselves, accelerating the company’s analytical maturity in a day and age where you just can’t afford to take your time.”

The underlying components of iQ seamlessly integrate and complement one another. One component, ECO, is an enterprise training and community engagement platform designed to engage teams across all levels of experience in self-driven or community-assisted experiential learning. Taking advantage of ECO’s integration into the iQ ecosystem, functionalities of individual components are extended by analytics across the full suite and its combined data. This provides targeted learning opportunities based on identified skill gaps and development trend analysis. The integration with Sense, a BI-monitoring tool, further expands on this combined data, creating additional insight from machine learning patterns and intelligent feedback loops. This empowers leaders with a new level of previously unattainable insights into their investments, allowing them to make focused, well-informed decisions regarding their IT services and business needs.

In the future, everyone must be able to curate and receive analytical insights at scale, not just the few with expertise in a particular tool. People change, tools change, but a knowledge-hungry culture must remain constant,” said Joshua Sutton, CEO of Pandera.


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