Octopai Transforms Business Intelligence with Metadata Search Engine

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Octopai introduces a cloud-based metadata search engine tool to provide Business Intelligence (BI) groups with full visibility and control of metadata that is scattered across many different BI systems within an organization. By centralizing and automating metadata, Octopai enables BI groups to quickly and accurately discover and govern shared metadata. By taking the guesswork out of metadata management, Octopai dramatically reduces costs, increases productivity and minimizes risks incurred by inaccurate data while turning weeks of manual work into minutes.

Business Intelligence groups commonly manage metadata by using proprietary, silo-based tools that support only a single BI system (ETL tools, databases or reporting tools) and have a narrow view of the data journey. This makes it extremely challenging to search for and locate required metadata, forcing BI groups to spend precious time and resources manually tracing the data in order to find what they need. Octopai’s technology retrieves the metadata directly from these BI systems and places it on a centralized, cloud platform giving BI groups the ability to make changes quickly, find metadata, build new business processes or fix faulty reports in a fraction of the time that it would take to manually complete this task.

Business Intelligence organizations from a wide range of industries understand the need for automation in the industry, and are eager to improve the way they manage metadata. This is why Octopai was born – to empower BI groups everywhere by enabling them to easily, quickly and accurately navigate through multiple BI systems to locate and understand relevant metadata,” said Amnon Drori, CEO and Co-Founder of Octopai.

With the implementation of its technology, Octopai estimates the impact to businesses is significant.  By eliminating associated maintenance costs, and by digitizing manual work, BI groups are able to work more accurately and can reduce overall costs as they increase their capacity by almost 80%.

Octopai has become a mandatory tool for driving compound BI solutions,” shared Jack Geron, CTO of That’s IT, a company specializing in IT services. “Whether investigating an incident root cause or evaluating the impact of a change, the entire BI group benefits with Octopai.”


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