Talena Enables Rapid Migration of Modern Data Workloads to Microsoft Azure HDInsight

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Talena announced its availability in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, an online market for buying and selling finished Software as a Service (SaaS) applications and premium data sets. Companies can now launch an Azure-certified Talena cluster via a single-click installation from within the Azure Marketplace for rapid migration of on-premise workloads to Microsoft Azure HDInsight and for unique disaster recovery and backup capabilities.  With the Talena software solution, Azure customers can:

  • Rapidly migrate on-premise or other cloud workloads to Azure HDInsight, supporting both pure-play cloud or hybrid deployment strategies
  • Automatically stand up a second region in Azure to provide cross-region data replication
  • Back up petabyte-scale workloads and rapidly recover modern data workloads ranging from HDInsight to DataStax / Cassandra to Couchbase
  • Enable test data management with built-in data masking and sampling
  • Support tiered storage strategies with native support for Azure Blob Storage

The rapid growth of mission-critical applications on modern data platforms such as HDInsight, Cloudera, Hortonworks, DataStax / Cassandra, Couchbase, Vertica, and MongoDB exposes enterprises to an ever-growing threat of critical data loss, which can be incredibly costly, take weeks to recover and can bring businesses to a standstill.  This is an even bigger issue in the cloud, where companies must be able to scale and recover quickly. As a result, more intelligent, rapid data protection has become crucial to business resilience.

Talena embodies a cloud-ready architecture that deploys seamless on Microsoft Azure,” said Nitin Donde, CEO of Talena. “Our ability to handle petabyte-scale workloads and recover rapidly from data loss incidents, coupled with our native integration with Azure Blob Storage, makes us a natural fit for migrating workloads to Azure and protecting modern data platforms such as HDInsight, NoSQL databases and more. Our presence in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace will enable enterprises to immediately generate business value from lower downtime costs, faster application time to market, and an improved compliance posture.”

Talena simplifies the process of running a variety of data management workflows in the Azure environment for modern data platforms. Companies that want to protect their data platforms running in Azure can simply purchase a license key to automatically deploy Talena’s first-of-its-kind software, which can recover petabyte-sized data sets 10 times faster than traditional alternatives, eliminating data loss associated with human and application errors.

Enterprises are increasingly running their Hadoop and Spark workloads in the cloud,” added Bharat Sandhu, Director Product Marketing, Big Data and Analytics at Microsoft Corp. “Protecting these data assets and the applications that run on them is mission-critical for business and IT executives alike. Talena complements Microsoft Azure HDInsight with a powerful, intelligent infrastructure for data migration, backup, disaster recovery and other critical data management functions that can handle the scale of modern data platforms like HDInsight.”


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