How R Powers Data Science at Microsoft

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In this video “How R Powers Data Science at Microsoft” from the EARL 2017 conference in San Francisco (June 5-7, 2017), insideBIGDATA’s Managing Editor and resident data scientist Daniel D. Gutierrez chats with Vijay K. Narayanan – Director, Algorithms and Data Science Solutions, Microsoft. Discussion topics include: Microsoft’s continued commitment to the R language, recent developments in AI at Microsoft, Vijay’s co-authored article appearing in the Harvard Business Review – “Where Predictive Analytics is having the Biggest Impact,” as well as Microsoft’s future directions.

I lead the the algorithms and the data science solutions team and we basically do three things … we build the code machine learning algorithms, the enterprise class, very highly performant engineered machine learning algorithms that we use ourselves internally in a lot of divisions at Microsoft. The third piece we do is we’re also birthing the whole ecosystem for data and machine learning,” said Vijay K. Narayanan – Director, Algorithms and Data Science Solutions, Microsoft.

The interview will give you a strong sense for Microsoft’s basic vision where every business decision can be optimized and made more intelligent with data and where R is the tool that transforms that data into that intelligence and every application today can be made more intelligent by having a layer of R in in the middle.

“We really see it as our mission to provide the capability where R becomes truly enterprise class,” added Narayanan.

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