CASK Data Application Platform Moves Forward

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In this video from the DataWorks Summit 2017 conference in San Jose (June 13-15, 2017), insideBIGDATA’s Managing Editor and resident data scientist Daniel D. Gutierrez chats chats with Nitin Motgi, Founder/CTO at CASK Data. Discussion topics include: an overview of CASK and the problems its CASK Data Application Platform (CDAP) product solves, a detailed look at the new CDAP 4.2 release, and look to directions CASK plans to take in the year ahead.

Nitin is responsible for developing the company’s long-term technology, driving company engineering initiatives and collaboration. 

Prior to Cask, Nitin was at Yahoo! working on a large-scale content optimization system externally known as C.O.R.E.

In the interview, Nitin gives an overview of CASK and the problems that the company’s products solve:

CASK is a platform for building big data applications. We have been at it for about five years now, essentially we try to bridge the gap between IT and line of business. It’s a platform that is essential and required in the data space to bridge that gap because of the complexity of how big data has evolved … Most of our use cases are around IOT, big data analytics, analytics applications, recommendation engines, data ingestion, and building data lakes.  This platform has evolved over the years to be able to support different aspects of those use cases that I just talked about. From a data lake perspective we provide capabilities and tools that basically allows you to build applications either using programmatic APIs if you’re an advanced user but also to allow you to visually build those applications using the visual tools that we provide as part of the platform.

CASK just just announced the latest version 4.2 of CDAP. In the interview, Nitin provides some great insights along with a technical discussion into what 4.2 delivers and the incremental problems it solves.


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