ArangoDB 3.2 Improves Scalability, Security and High Availability

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ArangoDB, the makers of the leading native multi-model database, announced that version 3.2 is Generally Available. This latest release expands ArangoDB to new use cases by being the most scalable, distributed multi-model and graph database.

Some of the largest global companies are eager to adopt ArangoDB to simplify their architecture and improve developer productivity,” says Claudius Weinberger, CEO and Co-Founder of ArangoDB. “This release is a major advancement, offering the community and clients key features to make ArangoDB their default database for new applications.”

New Features & Improvements

ArangoDB 3.2 is an important milestone in delivering on our pledge to improve productivity for every developer via native multi-model and includes:

  • Pluggable Storage Engine Architecture: The new architecture allows for multiple storage engines to be used, with Facebook’s RocksDB as its first. Even larger datasets can be stored, managed and processed efficiently with ArangoDB. RocksDB is ideal, in particular for write intensive applications.
  • Distributed Graph Computing: ArangoDB can now be used to gain high-level insights into hidden characteristics of graphs. Using the Pregel model, users can now work with common graph algorithms like PageRank, Community Detection, Vertex Centrality Measures and more.
  • Fault-Tolerant Foxx: ArangoDB’s rich JavaScript framework is widely used to build data-centric microservices and extend individually database functionalities. Now, with the new release, these Foxx services just received self-healing capabilities and can be leveraged in mission critical use cases.

Enterprise Features

The Enterprise Edition builds upon our community version, adding some unique features for critical deployments:

  • Satellite Collections: Designed in cooperation with some of our largest customers, Satellite Collections enables faster join operations when working with sharded datasets and avoids expensive network hops during join processing among machines.
  • Encryption at Rest: Data stored on disk can now be encrypted with a secure AES algorithm. Even if a physical disk gets stolen, data will still be inaccessible. With this upgrade, ArangoDB takes another big step towards HIPPA compliance.
  • LDAP Integration: Centralized Authentication is common in Enterprises. ArangoDB can now be integrated with LDAP, allowing for an external authentication server to manage users.


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