Endpoint Systems Updates its Figaro DB XML Engine

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Endpoint Systems, a system integrator and developer of endpoint software solutions, announced it has released the latest update to Figaro, its embedded native XML database for the Microsoft .NET Framework. Figaro 6.1.4 builds on top of Oracle Berkeley DB XML 6.1.4, with database engine upgrades and several bug fixes.

Figaro is partnered with Oracle to extend the Oracle Berkeley DB XML engine, a native XML database engine combining a document parser, XML indexer, XML query engine, and Oracle Berkeley DB, to create one of the fastest and most efficient data access layers for the .NET Framework. Oracle Berkeley DB XML is one of the top native XML database platforms, and as it continues to refine and improve its capabilities, Endpoint Systems will continue to provide updates to Figaro as it furthers its commitment to extend its reach into the .NET developer community.

The Figaro database engine is perfect for Microsoft .NET developers building mission critical, high-performance applications using structured data. Deployable to Windows or the cloud, it runs directly in the application that uses it, with no separate server required, and no administration needed. Figaro manages XML documents using XQuery and APIs, and offers advanced data management services including indexing, metadata, transactions and master-slave replication for high availability and fault tolerance.

As Oracle Berkeley DB XML continues to refine and improve its capabilities, we further our commitment to extend its reach into the underserved .NET developer community with embedded database products and solutions” said Lucas Vogel, owner of Endpoint Systems.

Flexibility, Stability, and Storage

Figaro is intended for use within applications that need to store data locally and run in an unattended fashion. The variety of applications that can use it is broad, ranging from desktop applications to video games to EDI services and financial applications.

Because the databases built with the Figaro library use Oracle Berkeley DB XML, they can be consumed by libraries built for just about any language and platform. Figaro XML database customers inherit a data storage platform found on over 200 million servers and devices worldwide.

Figaro stores terabytes of data in a single document repository. The database can survive power outages, software errors and hardware failures without losing data. It supports simultaneous access to the document store by large numbers of users, and offers features such as hot backup to help guarantee continuous uptime.

Figaro comes in four editions – Data Store (DS), for single-threaded applications; Concurrent Data Store (CDS), for multi-threaded read, single-threaded write operations; Transactional Data Storage (TDS) for multi-threaded, transactional operations; and High Availability (HA), for replication and multiple instance master-slave database application data storage requirements. Support for .NET Core is in the works, as is an API platform for building highly available data microservices.

Figaro is available through site licensing. For more information please visit HERE.


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