New Relic Announces New Infrastructure Integrations to Help Customers Monitor Workloads On-Premise or in the Cloud

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Digital Intelligence leader New Relic, Inc. (NYSE: NEWR) announced an expanded library of integrations with leading infrastructure components and New Relic Infrastructure to bring these services into a single view alongside the applications they support. These new on host integrations—built and supported by New Relic—are with Apache, Cassandra, MySQL, NGINX Plus, RabbitMQ, Redis, and StatsD through an updated release of the New Relic Infrastructure SDK.

New Relic Infrastructure is designed to provide a complete view of the health and configuration changes for an enterprise’s entire host ecosystem across all environments—from their own data centers to public cloud services to hybrid cloud deployments. Additionally, because New Relic Infrastructure is part of a unified cloud monitoring platform, every infrastructure component and service can be analyzed with performance and health metrics for the applications they support to create alerts and be displayed in New Relic Insights dashboards.

The new NGINX Plus integration developed by New Relic enables our joint users to gain key insights faster, whether their applications run on-premises or on the cloud. The integration helps to break down information silos to provide a clearer picture of the NGINX Plus environment and how that relates to the applications that depend on this service,” said Paul Oh, head of business development, NGINX, Inc.

New Relic Infrastructure now offers an even easier path for customers and partners to customize New Relic-built integrations or create their own integrations for any service or function they need to monitor. The New Relic Infrastructure SDK is designed to make development, customization, and deployment of an integration easy and offer the most flexibility for the developer. Within minutes, a New Relic Infrastructure customer can have real-time performance data from any service running on their hosts because the SDK is designed to automatically create all the files and folders required for the integration and offer a library of the most common functions to capture performance and health metrics.

New Relic Infrastructure was designed to help enterprises make the technology and cultural shifts necessary to treat infrastructure resources the same way as the application code they support. To be successful in the DevOps era, enterprises must have visibility and metrics on every component to pinpoint issues efficiently, optimize and scale effectively, and ultimately have confidence they’re advancing the business’ objectives. With an expanded integration library and new SDK, our customers can make New Relic Infrastructure their single source for understanding their infrastructure performance,” said Ramon Guiu, director, product management, New Relic.

Availability and Additional Resources

New Relic Infrastructure customers paying at the Pro level can install any of the on host integrations or create their own custom integrations with the SDK at no additional charge.

Integrations for Cassandra, MySQL, NGINX Plus, and the latest version of the New Relic Infrastructure SDK are all now available. Apache, Redis, RabbitMQ, and StatsD integrations will be generally available in the next few months. The SDK and integrations are all available onGitHub. New Relic Infrastructure is available with a free 30-day trial.


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