Instaclustr Launches Managed Open Source-as-a-Service Platform

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Instaclustr, offering scalable open source technologies delivered as completely managed solutions, announced the launch of its Open Source-as-a-Service platform. This comprehensive platform offers customers across industries – and from startups to the enterprise – fully hosted and securely managed Apache Cassandra, Apache Spark, Elasticsearch, Kibana, Lucene, and Zeppelin. Each is delivered to customers in its 100% open source form, with absolutely no vendor or technical lock-in. The platform arrives as the company continues to deliver top-line growth in excess of 100% YoY, and has reached milestones of 10 million node hours and 1 petabyte of data under management.

Instaclustr has always delivered managed open source solutions, operating an automated, proven management environment that customers trust to provide reliability at scale. Now, with the launch of its new platform, Instaclustr makes that commitment official by dedicating itself to deploying only 100% open source technologies. In an industry where, all too often, providers will deliver open source solutions repackaged into proprietary versions that promote vendor lock-in, Instaclustr is ensuring that every solution it provides will always consist of fully portable open source code.

In proprietary lock-in situations, businesses find themselves held prisoner to price increases, have no ability to run the solutions themselves or modify code to fit specific cases, and face slower resolution of bugs and other issues. In contrast, Instaclustr’s new platform puts organizations in control and helps to de-risk an investment in open source technologies. Customers are empowered to utilize and customize its managed open source solutions however is optimal, while also providing the support and expertise required for businesses to fully focus on building their applications. This also means that customers receive all the benefits of true open source technology, including the ability to leverage the vast communities of developers and companies that use the exact same open source code base, and provide assurance and improvements much more rapidly than with proprietary products. At the same time, Instaclustr manages version control and patches to ensure that customers are always running the latest and most stable builds of open source solutions.

Instaclustr’s Open Source-as-a-Service platform provides database, analytics, search, and messaging technologies recognized for their ability to deliver scalability, reliability, and performance. Each solution is backed by Instaclustr’s 100% uptime guarantee, and features expert support available 24/7. Instaclustr’s Open Source-as-a-Service platform includes:

  • Apache Cassandra – Hosted and fully managed Apache Cassandra on AWS, Azure, GCP, and Softlayer. Features a continuous availability architecture that is failure-resistant by design, as well as the ability to scale easily and address workload increases in minutes not hours.
  • Apache Spark – A cluster-computing framework that processes data in-memory, designed to deliver speed and performance.
  • Elasticsearch with Elassandra – A fast, powerful indexing and querying capability leveraging Cassandra’s resilient and distributed architecture.
  • Kibana – A powerful user interface offering developers the capabilities to explore, analyze, and visualize data via search.
  • Lucene – A high-performance, multi-featured text search engine, designed for applications that require full-text search.
  • Zeppelin – A web-based notebook providing powerful interactive data analytics.

The development of our Open Source-as-a-Service platform is the natural progression of Instaclustr,” said Peter Nichol, CEO, Instaclustr. “We’ve always maintained a commitment to empowering customers, providing much-needed hosting and management solutions that keep customers in control of their own destinies and their own core technology. With this release, we’re proud to formalize our commitment to 100% open source-only solutions. We have made it easier than ever to benefit from these powerful technologies delivered as a service, and without any of the strings attached found with proprietary solutions or commercial startups baking a single open source project.”


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