GigaSpaces Empowers Real-Time Data-Driven Organizations with New Insights Platform

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GigaSpaces, a leading provider of in-memory computing (IMC) platforms, announced the next-generation of its in-memory computing platform, unifying the company’s flagship in-memory data grid, XAP, with its open-source data science and analytics product, InsightEdge.

Key benefits of the InsightEdge platform include:The new InsightEdge platform simplifies and streamlines business optimization, enabling real-time decision support and automated intelligence through unifying fast-data analytics, AI and real-time applications. Built on its mature cloud native in-memory data grid, and combining best in class analytics frameworks, InsightEdge serves as a real-time digital insight platform, eliminating the traditional separation between analytics and applications. The platform overcomes the complex obstacles to operationalizing big data analytics at scale, and empowers organizations to generate greater business value through instant insights and faster actions. The InsightEdge platform is already helping leading organizations in Finance, Transportation, and Telecommunications to bridge the gap between applications and data science for greater business efficiency, new revenue stream innovations and enhanced customer experience.

  • Instant Insights: Organizations can unlock immediate insights as data is created, empowering time-to-analytics at sub-second scale. Whether its data in motion or at rest, traditional BI reporting or advanced data science, the platform provides all the necessary SQL, Spark, Streaming, and Deep Learning toolkits for scalable data-driven solutions.
  • Extreme Performance: The InsightEdge Platform allows ultra-low latency, high-throughput transaction and stream processing for mission critical applications. The co-location of applications and analytics empowers low latency and millions of transactions per second processing, while allowing analytics workloads to run across time-sensitive data.
  • TCO Reduction: Users benefit from a simplified architecture that diminishes cluster and component sprawl complexity, radically minimizing the amount of moving parts. Intelligent multi-tiered data storage across RAM, SSD and Storage-Class Memory (3DXPoint) is co-located to ensure that access to data is available in the moment when necessary.
  • Total Confidence: The IMC core of the InsightEdge is a mature, battle-tested platform that’s been proven successful in the most strenuous of circumstances (from major financial institutions needing rock-solid high availability to retailers demanding 100% uptime on Black Friday). With geo-redundancy, fast asynchronous data replication, and native persistence for disaster recovery, the InsightEdge Platform is built for the most resilient business continuity requirements.

Enterprises looking to harness the business value of data-driven transformation are challenged by applications, analytics data and component sprawl across their data science value chain” said Ali Hodroj, VP or Products & Strategy for GigaSpaces. “With performance and simplification in mind, coupled with fast data and cloud-native paradigms, we’re embracing insight-driven innovation with an exciting new hybrid approach that underscores data science, fast applications, and enterprise resiliency in a single solution stack.”

Since its launch in September of 2016, InsightEdge has simplified data science and machine learning initiatives for its customers. With a growing ecosystem of technology partners and OEMs coupled with the market demand for fast data insights, GigaSpaces is delivering on the promise of empowering the insight-driven organization.


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