Data Governance Secrets, Revealed

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We live in a world of an abundance of data and businesses are increasingly realizing the importance of this data for competitive edge. But for data-driven enterprises to discover the true value of this wealth of data, they must rethink assumptions, processes, and approaches to managing, governing, and stewarding that data. To achieve this, more and more organizations are assigning this role of Data Governance to Chief Data Officers (CDO) and other strong data leaders for help in delivering credible, coherent, and trustworthy data into the hands of everyone within the organization who can use it.

Our friends over at data governance provider Collibra prepared the infographic below containing some great survey insights on this evolving role of the CDO, including what’s working for them in their Data Governance journey and what are some of the challenges they face. Some of these interesting findings were shared by 400 Data Citizens who attended the Collibra Data Citizens Conference this year, and showed:

  • At their organization, 42% have a Chief Data Officer (or similar), and 29% do not have a CDO
  • When asked where their data organization lives, 50% said they are their own organ that works across the business; whereas 25% are part of IT
  • The most important roles in Data Organization were Data Governance Manager, CDO and Chief Steward
  • 45% of Data Citizens say that less than half of their reports have good data quality

There are also insights on why data silos still exist in organizations, including too much resistance to change, and some tips on how to gain Data Governance success.



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