Big Data: Taking Advantage of the Opportunity

big data
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Everybody is abuzz about big data and the opportunities it presents for businesses. Think about the power of analytics and the potential of AI. That said, few organizations are truly reaping the benefits of big data as many are overwhelmed by its sheer size.

big data

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A new report from Pure Storage, “AI, Analytics, and the Future of Your Enterprise,” explores some of the ways to tap into this big data. First off, having a solid strategy is key. Businesses need to narrow their focus down to which data will bring the most business benefits and focus on that.

Once you have got a strategy for your business down, the report covers some of the top challenges when dealing with big data.

First, the sheer size of big data can be daunting and complex to harness.  Organizations face what Pure Storage calls the Five Vs of data — volume, velocity, variety, veracity and value — which are explored in more detail in the report.

There is also a massive amount of data analytics tools out there already. It can one, be difficult to decide which tools to use; and two, some of these AI and analytical engines are difficult to integrate with legacy IT infrastructure.

The report states, “Don’t be overwhelmed into inaction,” but choosing the right analytical tools for your business pays off. Just take a look at Google or eHarmony.

For organizations negotiating the big data revolution, core infrastructure changes might be on the horizon. According to the report, to take full advantage of big data, the following areas must be modernized: products and services, personnel and skill sets, infrastructure (compute and storage) and apps and tools. This can be daunting. But keep in mind, organizations that embrace big data analytics are more likely to outpace competition with insights they garner from their efforts.

Rather than attempting overnight transformation, organizations can use iterative improvements, identify low-hanging fruit, and build on past successes to make business intelligence wins.

Ultimately, the modern data platform needs to be fast, big and simple. Pure Storage outlines in the report its tool FlashBlade, which provides scale-out storage built for modern analytics and AI. FlashBlade can power terabytes to petabytes of data and is used in industries such as healthcare, genomics, social media and more. Pure Storage also explores some of the success stories of those who have used FlashBlade to aid their big data and AI efforts.

The full report from Pure Storage is focused on three challenges of big data, as well as the opportunities associated:

  1.  An overwhelming amount of data to analyze
  2. A proliferation of powerful, yet complex, tools and technologies
  3. A need for new skill sets and infrastructure built around big data

Download the report, “AI, Analytics, and the Future of Your Enterprise,” courtesy of Pure Storage.

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  1. In today’s world of “big data”, companies need to determine what data they should really focus on. From there, they can implement strategies designed to cleanse, enhance and optimize that data specifically for analytics, which will then improve their business performance.