GoodData Launches Advanced Governance Framework

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GoodDataⓇ is taking a leadership role in elevating the industry standard of governance to new heights by adding an advanced governance framework to its Enterprise Insights Platform. In The Forrester Wave™: Insight Platforms-As-A-Service, Q3 2017, Forrester gave GoodData the highest-possible score — 5 out of 5 — in the area of Security and Governance.

We see this recognition as an affirmation of GoodData’s leadership,” says CEO Roman Stanek, “not only in addressing governance as we know it today, but also in exploring new governance solutions for an increasingly complex business environment.”

With its latest round of innovations, GoodData is redefining the discipline of governance through three key capabilities:

Machine Learning Model Governance

GoodData is leveraging machine learning to place artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities in the hands of everyday business users, and its governance framework continuously evaluates the machine learning model’s accuracy. When those monitoring activities uncover inaccurate model results, the user receives an alert along with suggestions for model adjustment and retraining.

Leveraging machine learning requires trust, and trust requires transparency,” Svoboda explains. “Our governance framework is constantly measuring how precise the model is and how accurately it can predict outcomes.”

Usage and Adoption Governance

GoodData’s usage and adoption governance allows customers to get a detailed glimpse into how their individual insights are being used, how often, and by whom.

Of course, adoption governance is key for determining ROI,” says Svoboda, “but there’s much more to it than that. By sharing insights on usage and adoption, we’re helping customers ensure they receive the maximum competitive advantage from their analytics investment.”

Lifecycle Governance

Once a system of insight is in place, enterprises must continuously address issues such as change management, how to manage updates and new releases, and provisioning, how to onboard new customers and ensure that they have the correct authorizations. With its lifecycle management governance processes, GoodData addresses both these issues in ensuring smooth operations throughout the life of the platform.

For change management, we enable what we call ‘agile product releases,’ which allow the enterprise to continuously release new analytics features without disruption,” says Svoboda. “For provisioning, a customer sign up request triggers creation of a workspace according to a predefined template.”

If everyday users are going to rely on actionable insights, they need to trust the data those insights are based on, and building that trust requires end-to-end governance.

Basic data governance — data cleansing and profiling — is still essential, but it’s no longer enough to keep up with the volume and velocity of big data,” says ZD Svoboda, vice president of product at GoodData. “Our customers were the driving force behind our initiative to provide a complete system of insight, and to do that, we knew we needed a robust governance framework.”


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