Keen IO Adds Real-Time Data Streaming to Google BigQuery Enterprise Data Warehouses

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Keen IO, the data analytics platform company, announced it has been named a Google Cloud Platform Technology Partner and the availability of a new real-time event data streaming service for Google BigQuery. Keen IO Stream to BigQuery enables organizations to stream and enrich data from any source to BigQuery data warehouses for enhanced analytics and business intelligence applications. It requires no coding and can be set up in minutes.

We’re using Keen IO to keep track of all the user events on our sponsored content pages for internal / external reporting, management and optimization of campaign performance,” said Brian Muller, vice president of data and growth for The Atlantic. “The integration of Keen IO with the Google Cloud Platform allows us to seamlessly collect, enrich, and stream all our Ad data to BigQuery and use our business intelligence tools for running analytics, without having to do any data processing operations.”

The collaboration between the Google Cloud Platform and Keen IO provides BigQuery users with continuous, real-time access to any customized collection of event streams that can be enriched with additional meta data and Keen-supplied analytics. These capabilities enable organizations to uncover new business insights without the overhead of setting up and managing a data streaming infrastructure.

Seamless API Deployment

Keen IO customers simply need to visit and follow the onboarding wizard to select and configure the data sources to be streamed to their BigQuery instances. Using Keen IO Stream to BigQuery, users can immediately begin to access data within BigQuery to run queries, easily compare and combine data from multiple event collections and use third party business intelligence tools to gain deeper insights.

Google BigQuery is a powerful tool for asking complex questions and as a platform for extracting insights from business intelligence tools, however it requires complete and rich sources of data to deliver optimal results,” said Kyle Wild, CEO of Keen IO. “Our partnership with Google provides BigQuery customers with a fast, easy way to stream all their event data, as well as Keen analytics, to their data warehouse for making better, more informed business decisions. ”


Keen IO Stream to BigQuery is available immediately. To take it for a spin, visit HERE.

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