Is Your Business AI-ready?

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Despite fears that robots will replace human labor, the majority of artificial intelligence (AI) leaders (79 percent) expect their employees will work comfortably with robots by 2020, according to this new global study released by our friends over at Genpact of C-Suite and senior executives titled, Is Your Business AI-Ready? Yet, additional findings from the survey show that inherent organizational challenges may impede this expectation:

  • Companies are not providing ample resources for reskilling and retraining to employees to handle this technology disruption
  • Senior management is most likely to resist AI – almost one-third of respondents indicate this group resists the most, compared to a mere five percent of entry-level workers

According to Genpact Senior Vice President Gianni Giacomelli, the opportunity lies in creating an organization that encourages collaboration and sets up workers for success with reskilling and training programs. Without the proper culture, enterprises’ investments and AI will go to waste and be rendered ineffective.

The return on investment from AI is considerable. Overall, survey respondents cite cost reductions as the leading outcome, but that’s no surprise.  What might be more interesting is that improvements in the customer experience show almost the same result (see figure below). But for AI leaders, top-line  impact is more prevalent as they cite improved processes, increased revenues, and better customer experiences as their top three areas of impact.

Download the report HERE.


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