Cloud Computing Leaders Announce New Cloud Analytics Academy

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The world’s leading cloud computing companies have joined forces to launch the Cloud Analytics Academy, a training and certification program for data professionals who want to advance their skills for the technology and business demands of today’s data analytics. The academy is the collective effort of data executives at Snowflake Computing, Amazon Web Services, Looker, Talend and WhereScape. The academy provides online training courses for technical experts, business leaders, analysts and business intelligence professionals, who can receive up to three Cloud Analytics Academy certifications upon completion. Anyone who completes all three tracks will achieve Master certification.

The adoption of cloud computing continues to evolve at a rapid pace. Gartner expects the worldwide software-as-a-service (SaaS) market to grow more than 63 percent to by 2020. The Cloud Analytics Academy is designed to enable that surge in growth by providing data professionals with the most up-to-date information, training and best practices for cloud analytics.

Data professionals of all technical and business levels and backgrounds can complete any or all of the following Academy tracks:

  • Executive Fast Track – Learn the key technologies and techniques to foster an effective cloud analytics team.
  • Cloud Foundation Track – Become proficient with the fundamental building blocks of cloud analytics.
  • Modern Data Analytics Track – Learn advanced technical concepts to propel your cloud analytics.

Anyone who completes all three tracks will be certified as a Cloud Analytics Academy Master.

Organizations of all sizes now face enormous pressure to deliver analytics faster and at a lower cost than ever before, and many are looking to the cloud to address these challenges,” WhereScape CEO, Mark Budzinski said. “We’re excited to partner with Snowflake to help data professionals gain the knowledge needed to maximize the benefits cloud data warehousing offers. We also want to help data professionals understand how automation can help IT be more agile in their development and operational efforts to deliver value to the business faster.”

The Academy curriculum features experts from Snowflake, Amazon Web Services, Looker, Talend, WhereScape, Duo Security, Age of Learning, Sharethrough and YellowHammer. Best-selling author and acclaimed professor Tom Davenport will present the opening keynote on the growth of cloud analytics and the current landscape.

The demand for cloud data analytics professionals continues to grow at an astounding rate as organizations migrate to the cloud and look for new ways to gain insights from their data, said” Snowflake’s Chief Technical Evangelist and Cloud Analytics Academy curriculum designer, Kent Graziano. “The Cloud Analytics Academy is the perfect environment for high achievers to sharpen their skills, expand their knowledge and become go-to experts in building data solutions for the cloud.”

The current curriculum is the first iteration of the Cloud Analytics Academy’s continued training initiative, with new courses and certifications to be added in the coming months.


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