Stream Sees Increase in Globally Deployed Enterprise Applications, Garnering Launch of Stream 2.0

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Stream, a leading feed and activity stream platform for developers and product leaders, announced the next generation of its API, allowing organizations to build highly performant newsfeeds. This enhancement further strengthens Stream’s mission to deliver reliable, scalable and modern feed technology to its customers. The 2.0 version includes multi-region support, platform improvements and developer documentation, all designed to help customers build excellent experiences through feed and activity stream functionality.

We’re helping our customers focus on what makes their app unique instead of wasting dev cycles reinventing feed technology. Today Stream is trusted by over 500 companies and 200 million end users, and this major platform improvement allows us to continue enhancing our feed technology, specifically around performance and machine learning,” said Thierry Schellenbach, Stream CEO and Co-Founder.

As Features-as-a-Service adoption grows across enterprises, many Fortune 500 companies are simplifying the process of integration and maintenance of common application functionality. As such, Stream’s news and activity feed platform has seen accelerated customer expansion: In the last year alone, the number of customers grew by 250 percent and Stream saw revenue growth of nearly 300 percent.

Providing maximum exposure for our community and their content is core to our product, and exactly why partnering with Stream, to deliver dynamic feed functionality, has made so much sense for us,” said Luke Chesser, CPO at Unsplash. “Stream simplifies processing billions of activities into a simple API for input and output, with performance that would take our team months, if not years, to learn and optimize. Additionally, through standardizing on Stream we’ve focused our development efforts, increased performance, and overall reduced the costs associated with developing, maintaining and iterating on newsfeed features.”

With the announcement of Stream 2.0 also comes complete multi-region support. Developers can now select from four geographical locations from which to run their feed functionality on Stream’s API: US East; Ireland; Tokyo; Singapore. This complete solution for global organizations, large and small, enables developers to optimize for network latency by mapping their usage to the region closest to their users.

Stream 2.0, built on Google’s Go programming language, is a major step forward in terms of overall performance. This combined with the launch of complete multi-region support, ensures that Stream can be used by customers with hundreds of millions of users regardless of location,” said Tommaso Barbugli, Stream CTO and Co-Founder.


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