Analytics Development Life Cycle: Pangea is Panacea

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Sai Prakash from HCL America

In this video from the Stanford HPC Conference, Satya Sai Prakash Kanakadandi from HCL America presents: Analytics Development Life Cycle: Pangea is Panacea.

“Data ingestion to business insights is a journey across several transformation stages. Business objective definition, data ingestion, data preparation, model selection, building deploying and monitoring constitute key phases of analytics development life cycle (ADLC).

It is common knowledge that many organizations adopt siloed approach towards taming (big) data, applying machine learning/deep learning, and use ML/DL models as large deployments.

In this short talk we shall present an analytics workbench perspective (Pangea) that brings entire ADLC under single umbrella thus enabling collaboration, shrinking overall cycle time, easing model deployment efforts and allowing model monitoring. Actionable insights and visualizations are facilitated though service integration interfaces.”

Satya Sai Prakash Kanakadandi is a Solution Director at HCL America. Sai has a PhD in data analytics and AI from IIT Madras, India. As HCL America’s analytics director, Sai has been instrumental in building intelligent frameworks enveloping software development life cycle and analytics life cycle for HCL clientele and industry specific solutions incorporating AI and D/ML components largely catering to SDLC, intelligent search and personalized sales and marketing. Sai and his team have filed 10+ patents. A professional member of ACM & SIAM with 20+ credible publications, Sai actively participates in key forums including AI Summit, ICSE and numerous other AI and D/ML events.

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