Data Analytics, Algorithms & Machine Learning – Online Survey Results

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This report, “Data Analytics, Algorithms & Machine Learning – Online Survey,” was produced by Informa Engage on behalf of Dell EMC. The data was collected March 8, through March 26, 2018 from a wide cross section of industries. The goal was to investigate various issues around the current and future use of use of analytics, predictive analytics and machine learning, given the importance of these technologies in the enterprise today. Below is a sample result from the report.

On March 8, 2018, IT Pro Today emailed invitations to participate in an online survey to a net 118,083 subscribers. By March 26, 2018, Informa Engage had received 315 completed surveys, for an overall response rate of 0.3%.

The report includes a number of compelling survey response summaries including: respondent profile (industry, # of employees, and job function), along with key findings:

  • Current Status with Regard to Leveraging Data Analytics
  • Satisfaction with Specific Data Analytics Functions
  • Leveraging Predictive Analytics
  • Potential for Machine Learning to Enhance Data Analytics
  • Automation in Predictive Analytics & Competitive Advantage
  • Leveraging Automated Predictive Analytics
  • Leveraging Machine Learning
  • Deterrents to Leveraging Machine Learning in Production
  • Companies Associated with Machine Learning Solutions
  • Resources for Implementing Machine Learning in Production

This 22 page report details the results of the survey. Click HERE to download the full report.


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