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Accelerate Business Value with Serverless Computing

Among the hot topics in IT today is serverless computing, also known as Functions-as-a-Service. With the success of AWS Lambda from, serverless has become an essential must-have for many developers engaged in a range of web-scale and enterprise application initiatives.

However, confusion remains over exactly what serverless means as well as its pros and cons. Further muddying the waters are the limitations of Lambda: portability to other cloud providers, a lack of serverless offerings for edge and on-premises environments, high costs, operational challenges, and the lack of real-time analytics.

In response to these challenges, open source offerings like Nuclio from Iguazio seek to resolve the limitations of public cloud-based serverless computing while also offering unprecedented performance. The end goal is to reduce barriers to serverless and bring it to the forefront of high-performance, real-time computing.

In order to answer questions about serverless computing, Continuous Data Platform Iguazio offers a whitepaper “Accelerate Business Value with Serverless Computing” that weighs the pros and cons of function-as-a-service, or serverless computing in the cloud. The report defines exactly what serverless means (newsflash: it’s a misnomer), examining the offerings and challenges of the technology, and giving software engineers a look at how they can weigh their options when deciding how to engage with the hottest new areas in cloud computing. Engaging with function-as-a-service has the potential to lead to more effective actionable insights from the data, helping companies earn smarter revenue.

The report reviews serverless strengths; scalability, cost, and productivity, and serverless drawbacks; performance, cost, security, and manageability.

The core of Nuclio’s architecture

The report includes the following sections:

  • Nuclio: The Open Source Alternative to Public Cloud Serverless
  • Comparing Nuclio to Lambda: The Pros of Serverless Computing in the Cloud
  • The Cons of Cloud-based Serverless Computing
  • ‘Bare Metal’ Serverless Computing: The Best of Both Worlds?
  • Nuclio: Architected for Performance
  • Portability Across Environments

Nuclio is found on Github Download the complete white paper HERE.


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