G5 and H2O.ai Partner to Deliver AI Optimization for Real Estate Marketing

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G5, a leading innovator in marketing optimization for the real estate industry, and H2O.ai, a leader in AI, are teaming up to launch G5’s next generation Intelligent Marketing Cloud with H2O’s Driverless AI. The G5 data science team has optimized the Intelligent Marketing Cloud leveraging H2O and Driverless AI for unique positioning in the property management marketplace with a solution that can prioritize inbound leads to simultaneously drive conversions, and cut digital marketing spend.

G5’s depth of cross-channel data powered by the Intelligent Marketing Cloud and enhanced by H2O’s Driverless AI helps the real estate industry optimize marketing investments with AI. With Driverless AI, G5 provides a superior solution that generates actionable insights based on an adaptive marketing platform, connecting property managers and decision-ready prospects with a high degree of accuracy. The Intelligent Marketing Cloud improves occupancy rates and net operating income while reducing time on market.

At G5 we are leveraging AI to guide the decision-making process in real estate marketing with the help of our Intelligent Marketing Cloud platform that maximizes marketing effectiveness and efficiency,” said Martin Stein, Chief Product Officer at G5. “We’re partnering with Sri and the best-in-class team at H2O to enhance our machine learning capabilities so that the G5 Intelligent Marketing Cloud continuously and efficiently improves its accuracy and predictive qualities. G5-powered campaign insights point to actionable opportunities to improve ROI through each step of the customer journey, starting with channel attribution, all the way to leveraging natural language processing to classify inbound phone calls. G5’s vision is to give all real estate marketers and analysts access to this deep competitive edge from an end-to-end and easy-to-use dashboard that will find and land paying tenants. There is no need to be a data scientist — we have that covered.”

Working together, G5 and H2O.ai are generating impressive results for the bottom line. In the real estate industry, over 50 percent of a digital marketing budget results in a phone call. Empowered by Driverless AI technology, marketers can quickly prioritize and convert inbound leads from the Intelligent Marketing Cloud platform that have a purchase intent with 95 percent accuracy. Driverless AI helps enable G5 to provide customers with an edge that uniquely benefits them to grow their real estate businesses while also driving down costs.

H2O.ai is excited at the partnership we are building with G5 to transform real estate marketing. G5’s team is achieving stunning results with Driverless AI to deliver personalized customer experiences in their Intelligent Marketing Cloud,” said Sri Ambati, CEO at H2O.ai. “Teams of any size can disrupt an entire industry with the democratization powered by Driverless AI. G5 has the power of H2O’s world-class automatic machine learning platform at their fingertips to optimize marketing spend for their customers in real estate.”


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