Introducing ChartFactor, a Component-based Toolkit For Speeding Up the Implementation of Data Applications

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Aktiun announced the release of ChartFactor, a component-based toolkit designed to speed up the implementation of data applications that visualize and interact with data. ChartFactor builds on and combines the latest advances in data visualization, data access, and simplified programing models.

ChartFactor solves several problems faced by enterprises and their developers who need to integrate analytics into their data products. Connecting to one or more data technology is expensive; ChartFactor connects to many different data technologies right out of the box. Building data interactions that provide users with practical insights is a time-consuming process; ChartFactor is component-based and simple to deploy, with tools to generate the code required for any visualization. ChartFactor comes with a library of common code examples like chart types and options, events, and filtering, that can be copied and pasted into a company’s application.

Companies in different industries are looking for ways to build these data applications in a way that is maintainable, easy to use, performant, and that fits with their existing IT environment,” said Jorge Alarcon, founder and CEO of Aktiun. “ChartFactor is easy to deploy quickly in any environment and more cost-effective than other solutions.”


ChartFactor interacts with data regardless of where it resides, i.e., a big data engine, behind a BI server, in the cloud or in a home-grown server. Because of its modular architecture, ChartFactor can query data streams, and big data SQL and NoSQL engines directly or interact with a business intelligence tool and home-grown server APIs. It’s framework-agnostic, compatible with web-based and mobile frameworks such as Angular, AngularJS, ReactJS, Vue.js, Ionic, React Native, and others, and fits any IT and security environment. ChartFactor applications work on any device and in all common browsers, to reach all users in the enterprise.

ChartFactor is available on a subscription basis. Costs range from $15,000 a year for ChartFactor Standard, a basic installation, to $39,000 for ChartFactor Ultimate, offering access to more data sources, visualization options, and support.


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