Starmind Launches Desktop App Increasing Accessibility to Undocumented Corporate Knowledge

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Starmind, the company whose technology uniquely applies neuroscientific principles to AI, resulting in the discovery of previously undocumented corporate knowledge, announced the launch of its desktop application. This announcement comes following the company’s successful investment round of $15 million in funding.

The Starmind technology uses cutting edge artificial intelligence and neuroscientific research to emphasize the human value in unlocking previously undocumented corporate knowledge. The release of its desktop app makes adoption and daily use of the platform even easier for employees.

With the desktop application, employees have access to features such as desktop notifications, which alerts them when they are identified as an expert for new questions asked or answers are provided to questions they asked or follow. The application will also provide users with direct access to ask new questions and provides full access to the Starmind Q&A, without the burden of signing into a web portal.

Our desktop app is based on the Starmind web application and allows users to experience the most modern version of Starmind, even if it is not supported by their browser,” said Marc Vontobel, CTO and Founder of Starmind. “Users will now receive their notifications directly in the app, reducing the number of emails sent around. With the desktop app, employees benefit from the increase of effectiveness which Starmind provides, but without the noise often associated with workplace efficiency solutions.”

Always knowing who to direct a question to within a large organization is no simple task, regardless if you are a new hire or the CEO. Starmind keeps this struggle in mind and uses artificial intelligence to automatically identify the relevant experts within the organization. It routes employee questions to the best possible person to answer them. Starmind technology achieves this by applying self-learning algorithms which get to know people in a uniquely human way. It creates a “digital-self” by extracting knowledge, expertise, interests, and skills.

Powered by AI, the Starmind Q&A gets to know all users within a network, unlocking undocumented knowledge hidden within an organization’s employee pool. In addition to finding hidden champions, Starmind creates powerful problem-solving networks and eliminates the tedious manual search for answers, which is both a time-consuming and ineffective approach to getting critical information accurately and quickly.

In addition to the release of the desktop application, Starmind is also releasing its mobile custom app, which can be fully white-labelled, and made available in a company’s private store.

The Starmind Desktop App will be available to Starmind clients through the Microsoft App store and works with computers running the Windows 10 S mode update.


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