2018 State of Embedded Analytics Report

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The 2018 State of Embedded Analytics Report by Logi Analytics explores the top benefits of embedded analytics, the latest trends, advantages of different development methods, and what the future of analytics looks like. Logi surveyed more than 500 people who shared their perspectives on how they are embedding analytic capabilities to meet ever-changing market needs. Respondents included members of product management, product development, software engineering, IT, and executives.

Key trends from State of Embedded Analytics 2018:

  • App teams are seeing substantial business benefits from embedded analytics
    • 92% of commercial software respondents are seeing an increase in competitive differentiation due to embedded analytics.
    • 90% reported a reduction in customer churn and 91% reported improving win rates due to embedded analytics.
  • Leading companies are evolving analytics beyond basic features
    • Respondents reported that 50% of their applications’ value comes from embedded analytics with 95% reporting that it has helped to increase overall revenue.
    • 68% say they can charge more for their product because of the added value embedded analytics brings.
  • Building analytics without help is no longer an option
    • 71% of respondents who used a combined approach of building and buying a solution reported that embedded analytics helped to improve user experience, compared to 55% who built their own.
    • Respondents who built their own analytics solution are less likely to offer advanced capabilities, such as interactive dashboards and reports, data visualizations or self-service analysis, than those who used a combined approach.
  • More than 85% of respondents reported using embedded analytics in some form.
  • Nearly 30% of respondents plan to increase their investment in embedded analytics over the next year.
  • Respondents who used a combined embedded analytics approach were 19% more likely to increase revenue than those who used a bolt on solution.

You can down load the full report HERE.


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