Big Data Day LA 2018

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Get ready for the local big data event of the year! The 2018 edition of Big Data Day LA is taking place on Saturday, August 11, 2018 at the University of Southern California. This full-day conference is a great way to immerse yourself in everything data with sessions tracks on diverse topics: Data, AI/ML/Data Science, Emerging Tech, Infrastructure and Security, and Visualizations/UI/Use Cases. The speakers for the sessions are from many top tier companies.

Big Data Day LA is the largest event of its kind. Spearheaded by Subash D’Souza and organized and supported by a community of volunteers, sponsors and speakers, Big Data Day LA features the most vibrant gathering of data and technology enthusiasts in Southern Californa.

This is my 3rd year volunteering for Big Data Day LA,” said volunteer Arti Annaswamy. “When I first volunteered, my hope was to connect with a few folks and learn more about the local data community, but I kept returning because Big Data Day LA has opened doors for me to a wonderful community of Southern California data professionals and enthusiasts who are at the cutting edge of data, come from a rich diversity of backgrounds, industries, roles, demographics, and are very inclusive and friendly. We have a thriving startup community with major hubs in the LA/Santa Monica area, Irvine, San Diego, and we have incredible applications of data technology in industries like media/entertainment, biotech, advertising, education, government, lifestyle apps. 2018 is Big Data Day LA’s sixth year running, but I feel like we are just getting started with tapping into the richness of talent and knowledge here. I hope to continue doing my part to support Big Data Day LA in expanding our footprint, and showcasing as well as serving the SoCal data community.”

The first Big Data Day LA conference was in 2013, with just over 250 attendees. The event has since grown to over 550 attendees in 2014, 950+ attendees in 2015, 1200+ attendees in 2016, and 1550+ attendees in 2017. 2018 looks to break past records.

The fee for attending the conference is $50 and students get 50% off using code STDNT (bring your ID card on the day of event to check-in).

Many of the high-profile corporate sponsors for Big Data Day LA are from the Who’s Who list of big data vendors: AWS, Hortonworks, Datastax, Arcadia Data, MariaDB, Neo4j, Pure Storage, Qlik, Syncsort, Databricks, Qubole, TIBCO, and many others.

It’s interesting to see how Big Data has just about taken over all aspects of business in one form or another, and now it’s big enough to have events and conventions based solely on what used to be a subset of technology disciplines,” said volunteer John Kim. “As this is my 3rd year volunteering with BDDLA as Location Co-chair, it’s been amazing to see the growth, not only of the event and the data vertical, but also of the volunteer staff and the grassroots team that continues to donate their time to this convention. Subash is an amazing founder and continues to drive the event to be better even though he’s a big shot at Warner Brothers and probably doesn’t have enough free time to himself. Nonetheless, he always has time for his passion for data and creating a place where all this knowledge is available to the public! Herein lies the reason why BDDLA is so successful; everyone who volunteers is engaged with the data community and truly wants it to succeed, creating an atmosphere of learning and growth.”

This year attendees will be able to register for tutorials – Blockchain & Data Science on site. Space is limited and open to registered attendees. You must bring your laptops. Registration will be confirmed once you sign up and your email is validated. You can only sign up for one or the other since both tutorials go on at the same time between 2-6 PM.

I have a personal passion for technology and got started as a DBA in the 90’s,” said volunteer Spencer Huang. “I enjoy living OC, but frequently make trips to the Bay area because of my professional job. More recently I’ve been traveling a lot to Seattle because of it’s booming data ecosystem. And so I thought about what I could do to help SoCal become like those areas. And, selfishly speaking, if that happens, it would keep me home more often. This is my 2nd year as co-chair of the BDDLA sponsor committee. Our sponsors are all big data leaders in software and services. I want to ensure our sponsors value SoCal as a thriving community of data professionals. In addition I want to help our sponsors connect with prospective companies looking for innovative solutions to solve complex data-driven problems. I’m happy to share that BDDLA has been very successful in meeting those goals. Last year I referred a BDDLA volunteer to a sponsor company and within weeks, that person was hired. And I’ve heard from past attendees that have made connections with sponsors and purchased their software to help query and process PBs of their data.

Check out a complete summary of last year’s event along with videos and slides HERE.  You’ll get a sense for the quality of Big Data Day LA as a great way to spend a summer Saturday.


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