Apache Cassandra Turns 10

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As Apache Cassandra (C*) celebrates its 10th anniversary, we wanted to observe this special time with the infographic below provided by our friends over at DataStax, industry experts on the open source project. You’ll see many insights on how C* has grown over the last ten years, including the history of the open source project from its origin after being open sourced by Facebook – to the creation of Cassandra as an Apache Software Foundation project and the exciting growth of the community – and DataStax’s significant contribution to this growth.

Also of note, are the different applications that C* has offered – and how DataStax has improved on this platform with its own proprietary DataStax Enterprise (enterprise-class) solution – which, while full compatible with Apache Cassandra, offers speed enhancements and double the performance of C* – supporting companies in preventing lock-in to specific cloud providers as they develop internet-scale applications.


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