The Speed of Data: A Survey of Data Decision Makers

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Streamlio, the intelligent platform for fast data, announced results of a new “Speed of Data” survey conducted with Dimensional Research. The survey of hundreds of corporate decision makers worldwide found near universal agreement about the criticality of faster data processing, along with a huge gap between where companies need to be and where they are today. Specifically, while 99 percent of respondents said processing and acting on data as quickly as possible is important, more than 80 percent admit they need to do that more quickly than they currently do and nearly three quarters still rely primarily on antiquated batch data processing. Even industries known for quickly acting on data said they can do better, with 95 percent of financial services and 86 percent of technology companies saying they want to act on data faster.

The explosion of data captured by modern technology has created tremendous opportunities for businesses. Gaining a deeper understanding of market dynamics, personalizing experiences for specific types of personas, and even developing new offerings based on data are all possible in a way that technology simply couldn’t support in past years. However, simply having the data is not enough. Businesses must act on data quickly to gain maximum benefit.

This research project explores the current reality of data processing at modern enterprises. Is there a desire to be faster? Is there business benefit? What is preventing organizations from processing and acting on data more quickly.

This research is based on a survey of 307 IT decision makers responsible for corporate data solutions. Download the full 28 page report HERE.


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