Fluree PBC Moves from Successful Beta to a Full Production Release with FlureeDB Enterprise Blockchain Database

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Fluree P.B.C. officially moved FlureeDB – its flagship blockchain database product – from beta  program to production release on August 22nd, 2018.

FlureeDB can run internally as a highly-performant graph database to power standard business applications, but can also be distributed and decentralized – in its entirety – across an established  network of participants known as a “permissioned blockchain.” Permissioned blockchains provide entities in a consortium with a transparent ledger of transactions that is immutable by nature and  decentralized with no central authority. FlureeDB’s ability to deliver these characteristics in a familiar database format promises transformative implications for industries such as Supply Chain Management, Insurance, Real Estate, Fintech, and more.

“FlureeDB packages up all the powerful database features that satisfy modern enterprise requirements,  combines them with an immutable, time-ordered blockchain core ledger, and delivers to enterprises a practical and powerful infrastructure on which to build, distribute, and scale custom  blockchains, ” said Brian Platz, Co-founder and Co-CEO at Fluree PBC. “It is my hope that the  flexibility FlureeDB provides developers will be leveraged to pioneer practical deployments of  enterprise blockchains and usher in a new era of decentralization, business transparency, and industry collaboration.”

A number of companies have already announced their use of FlureeDB for their service and
product offerings, citing its powerful database capabilities with blockchain features as key value
propositions in selecting their back-end infrastructure. Included in this list:

  • Alpha Software Corporation , a rapid enterprise app development company with over 3,000 customers and named InfoWorld Technology of the Year, has announced its plans to leverage  FlureeDB as a data source in its Alpha Anywhere and Alpha TransForm product offerings. Alpha  Anywhere is a front-end and back-end, low-code, rapid mobile application development and  deployment environment. Alpha TransForm allows non-coders to build and deploy smartphone  apps in minutes. FlureeDB allows Alpha’s large developer and user base to incorporate  blockchain capabilities into the apps they are developing on the Alpha platforms.
  • Benekiva , an insurtech platform focused on digitizing the life insurance claims process, uses FlureeDB to store policyholder signatures on an immutable ledger. This reduces the need for  complex audits and also enhances the level of trust between policyholder, insurance company,  and beneficiary. Benekiva plans to mature into a decentralized platform that will streamline  contract and claims workflows across market participants in a consortium powered by FlureeDB.
  • SSBI , a major Indian consultancy and holding company, will represent FlureeDB in the Indian  market. SSBI is initially focused on government records management and has developed a proof  of concept expected to go into pilot shortly for one of India’s largest states.
  • One Donation , software that allows employees to engage in philanthropy through instant payroll deductions, is leveraging FlureeDB to provide a transparent and tamper-resistant platform for  charitable giving. With blockchain finality, One Donation can provide proof that donations were  allocated to their intended charitable cause.
  • Docsmore is a cloud-based Document Management and Facilitation platform focused on replacing paperwork with a digital model for document management. Using FlureeDB to store document signatures on an immutable ledger, Docsmore is able to provide its clients with an unprecedented level of tamper resistance and guaranteed data integrity.

At Docsmore, we are thrilled to use FlureeDB as part of our continued commitment to innovation, security, and efficiency,” said Bobbie Shrivastav, Co-founder & CEO of Docsmore. “FlureeDB gives us  the power to irreversibly guarantee that sensitive information was handled correctly and legally binding signatures were stored immutably.”

Key Features Include:

  • Immutable blockchain core for tamper resistance and a provable historic audit trail.
  • “Smart” Database Functions for programmatic control over data updates, consensus rules, or permissions.
  • Support for distributed ledger in a decentralized network.
  • “Time Travel” – Point in Time Query allows every version of your historical database to be queried instantly.
  • Graph database format with powerful analytical query logic support.
  • Separate query engine for linear scaling, delivering sub-millisecond query responses.
  • Cloud hosted (DBaaS) option for no management overhead.
  • ACID compliant transactions.


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