Improve Your Business with Modern Analytics Infrastructure

analytics infrastructure
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Businesses simply cannot afford for their IT departments to run data infrastructure the same way they did a decade ago. Today’s enterprises need modern analytics infrastructure to be able to handle the current explosion in data.

analytics infrastructure

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A new report from SAS explores how much has changed in the past ten years. There are now varied types of data, structured and unstructured, and at levels never seen before. But that’s not all that’s picked up. So has the pace of business, and the potential for data insight as grown, as well.

And, of course, IT plays a key role in ensuring businesses are able to make “data-driven decisions” that make a positive difference.

The report states it’s key that today’s organizations apply what SAS calls a consistent analytic vision across all functions.

The report also points out that implementing a modern analytics infrastructure can lead to improvements in your business in the following areas:

  • Boosting creativity, efficiencies and profitability
  • Reducing costs
  • Ensuring scalability
  • Eliminating shadow IT

The new SAS report, in partnership with Intel, covers the challenges within legacy IT systems and why companies are becoming more and more reliant on IT function to make informed decisions.

Today’s companies are ultimately trying to gain business insights from huge amounts of data, but often disconnects like fragmented data ecosystems can create what is called “data chaos”. But there are ways to address this. According to the report, the answer is implementing a modern analytics infrastructure and ecosystem with access to uniform data across lines of business, helping IT to much more effectively manage data.

“Simply put, the old way of managing data and making decisions doesn’t cut it anymore.” — SAS

A modern analytics infrastructure also requires up-to-date, high-powered hardware and powerful processors. And don’t forget high memory capacity, without which it’s difficult to process large amounts of data in real time.

But even beyond new hardware needs, the most changes are being seen in the evolving role of IT in an organization. IT is now being seen as a “business enabler” that has the ability to partner with the business to operate more effectively with fewer resources.

The report states, “This is a very important shift that supports the need for agility in moving from data to discovery to deployment, and ultimately insight-driven decisions.”

Breaking down silos and creating a central data repository are just two key advantages to organizations adopting a modern analytics infrastructure. Additional benefits include:

  • Creativity
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Reduced Costs
  • Reduce Shadow IT

Ultimately, organizations must attempt to apply the same analytic vision across all functions within their businesses. And by empowering IT and adopting a modern analytics infrastructure,  businesses can increase their predictive power.

Download the new report from SAS, “IT Holds the Key to a Modern Analytics-Driven Organization,”  that explores how a modern analytics infrastructure and engaged IT department can help you increase productivity, maintain the highest data quality through a standard data governance model, and make critical decisions faster and with more confidence.

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