Impetus Technologies Unveils Enhanced Data Warehouse Transformation Offering

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Impetus Technologies, a big data software products and services company, announced the latest version of its Data Warehouse Workload Migration offering, which includes important enhancements that deliver improved extensibility, ease of use as well as support for additional data engines and data stores.

The Impetus Workload Migration Solution automates what is normally an arduous, painful process of lifting, shifting and transforming warehouse workloads from legacy platforms—such as Teradata, Microsoft SQL, Oracle, and Netezza—over to a big data architecture with speed, reliability and no coding required.

Many enterprises continue to delay their data warehouse modernization projects due to angst about the complexity, cost and time,” said Venkat Chakravarthi, vice president, Modern Data Architecture practice, Impetus. “Meanwhile, their legacy systems are running out of capacity while their data volumes and business demands keep growing. The longer companies delay, the further behind they fall and the more difficult the transition becomes. By partnering with us, large enterprises are able to execute their transformation initiatives quickly, easily and at a substantially lower cost than trying to do it on their own.”

The latest version of the solution includes enhancements in three key areas:


  • Self-service notebooks for online translation and editing of queries
  • Customizable automated translation engine
  • Cloud or on-premises hosting, or container-based execution
  • ETL graphs replication in Hadoop-compatible pipelines

Ease of use

  • Comprehensive validation to ensure and certify successful migration
  • Monitoring of migration pipelines
  • Unified metadata view and search

Support for additional data stores

  • Apache Spark 2.x
  • Spark Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) in Cloudera CDH
  • Pluggable Apache NiFi or any other backend engine operator


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