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Data Pruning Technology for Data Retention

Aparavi helps organizations master out of control unstructured data growth. They slow secondary storage growth by 75% with guaranteed availability regardless of how long data is retained. Their SaaS-based active archive delivers true storage independence with on-premises and multi-cloud mobility. This along with their open data format removes vendor-lock in forever. Aparavi pays for itself in reduced secondary storage spend and eliminates up-front investments with a pay-as-you- go model based on usage. The company’s new whitepaper, titled “Multi-Cloud Active Archive,” explains the benefits of a storage model that includes data pruning technology to reduce secondary data growth by 75%.

Active Data Pruning is a critical component of enabling active archive management over time for more efficient, cost-beneficial management of storage. It slows secondary storage growth, while retaining data per retention policies. Active Data Pruning helps organizations master out-of-control unstructured data growth for greater efficiency, better management, and lower costs.

Download the Aparavi white paper HERE.


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