Yellowfin Introduces Automated Analysis and Cross-Vendor Storytelling Solutions

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Yellowfin BI, the enterprise analytics company that gets customers to the why faster, announced the availability of Yellowfin Signals and Yellowfin Stories to help customers discover, understand, and act on real business opportunities faster than ever before. The release of these products represents two industry firsts: Yellowfin Signals provides the industry’s first truly automated analysis of business information, and Yellowfin Stories provides the first cross-platform storytelling solution.

Yellowfin Signals

Yellowfin Signals automatically discovers and immediately surfaces critical changes in business data, such as sudden spikes and changes in trends. Yellowfin Signals alerts business users immediately as these changes occur. This is all achieved without logging into a dashboard or performing manual data discovery.

“Yellowfin Signals represents the future of BI: continuous time-series detection of trends and anomalies with instant correlations to help users identify critical issues in real-time and what’s driving them,” said Wayne Eckerson, President, Eckerson Group. “Signals will dramatically speed time to relevant insights, allowing business users to focus on what really matters instead of hunting for data.”

Yellowfin Signals runs on a continuous basis, where it routinely analyzes available data looking for trends, patterns, or other changes. When it finds something, it analyzes other data sources to find correlated information, then sends an alert highlighting the pattern so all recipients can determine if the data is actionable. As a result, analysis fatigue and human bias, prevalent in traditional dashboard tools, are removed.

We’re taking dead aim at dashboards because they fail to deliver on their promise. They should move businesses forward – not make them wait,” said Yellowfin BI CEO, Glen Rabie. “Yellowfin Signals automatically finds what dashboards miss, so users know what is going on in their business as it happens.”

Yellowfin Stories

Yellowfin Stories is the first-ever data-storytelling product. Users create data stories that provide context and narratives, which give decision makers the information to make faster, better-informed decisions. Designed from the ground up to provide consistent and common understanding within the organization, Yellowfin Stories lets users embed live reports from multiple dashboard vendors, so all the key information is viewable in a single sharable story.

Dashboards rarely provide full context for the data they share, resulting in differing interpretations,” said Rabie. “Yellowfin Stories lets you collect information in one place –including signals and reports from different vendors — agree on its meaning, and align on the action to take. Where dashboards fail, Yellowfin delivers.”

Yellowfin Stories improves knowledge sharing, collaboration, and communication within organizations and in turn, helps organizations become more data-driven in their decisions.

Yellowfin Signals uses AI that runs continuously in the background on live data, alerts users to changes in their data, visualizes the data, explains what is in the visualization and has the ability to find correlated information from other databases,” said John Santaferraro, Research Director at EMA. “EMA considers Yellowfin to be a leader in the use of AI, machine learning, contextual storytelling, and social communication for business intelligence.”


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