Ople’s Unlocks the Black Box of Artificial Intelligence with Transparent AI

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Widespread adoption of AI is being held back, in regulated and unregulated industries, by a lack of transparency into AI models. Ople’s latest release opens the black box of the artificial intelligence decision-making process, making Ople the first to market with transparent AI.

The venture-funded, Silicon Valley company is rolling out a feature-rich update that makes it possible for companies to gain the critical buy-in, and deploy AI models with unprecedented transparency into how the models actually work. Ople has added significant and powerful AI transparency tools and reports to ensure model explainability and highlight feature importance. With one-button auto-deployment of AI models, its fastest-in-industry AI modeling software is now even faster. These all enable Ople to make AI streamlined, cost-efficient, and transparent.

Ople allows data science teams to focus on strategic problem formulation, not the grunt work, and enable subject matter experts to incorporate their domain expertise into the AI models. This means that companies can now tackle more projects, in less time, with their existing teams.

AI projects are no longer restricted to high cost, long term investments,” says Pedro Alves, founder and CEO of Ople. “We now have software that lets both seasoned data science teams and less experienced analysts realize material value across more business lines, in less time, and, with minimal investment.”

Ople is rapidly scaling-up its business, having recently closed $8M during its Series A round. Recent hires include engineers and data science experts from major tech companies that include AirBnB and BigCommerce. For the next quarter, Ople is accepting a limited number of new customers who are “Ready for AI” in order to ensure the highest level of product-market fit.

It is essential that we continue to listen to and incorporate customer feedback into Ople”, says Alves. “For the very first time in history, every industry can now take-on their top business challenges with a powerful, yet, easy to use artificial intelligence engine.”


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