Qlik Expands Analytics and BI Leadership in AI and Machine Learning

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Qlik® continues to lead the analytics and business intelligence industry in delivering AI (augmented intelligence) innovation that expands the value of Qlik’s platform for all users. With the November 2018 release of Qlik Sense®, Qlik has introduced new machine learning (ML) capabilities into its cognitive engine and platform. Precedent-based machine learning allows the Qlik cognitive engine to get smarter over time, continually learning from user interaction and feedback as well as other sources. Qlik is the first analytics company to bring AI and ML capabilities together with human intuition in a way that truly augments the user’s power to discover.

According to Gartner, Inc., “A new paradigm — augmented analytics — is rapidly gaining traction. Central to this development is the use of ML automation/AI techniques to augment human intelligence and contextual awareness, and to transform data management, analytics and BI as well as many aspects of data science and ML/AI model development and consumption.”*

Qlik’s new machine learning capabilities will initially be utilized in Insight Advisor, which debuted as part of the June 2018 Qlik Sense Enterprise release. Insight Advisor auto-generates and suggests the best analytics and insights to explore based on the overall data set and a user’s search criteria, making insight suggestions increasingly relevant and valuable as the machine learns from the user’s analytics interactions. Users can directly train the machine by manually creating analytics, altering what the machine suggests, and providing direct feedback. The cognitive engine also learns from additional governed and trusted sources such as business rule definitions in global libraries and Qlik artifacts.

More and more of our clients are asking for concrete use cases where they can leverage artificial intelligence,” said Moritz Schieder, Visual Analytics Practice Lead for Deloitte Consulting. “Qlik’s augmented intelligence approach is a great example of how to use machine learning to even better bridge the gap between data and the human decision maker by supporting data preparation tasks, choosing the right types of visualizations, and suggesting insights to the user.”

Qlik’s AI and ML capabilities are truly unique because they work directly with Qlik’s associative engine, combining the power of AI with human intuition. Because the associative engine is aware of a user’s context (selection state) at each step in the exploratory process and knows all the data that is associated and unrelated to that context, this is factored into machine driven analysis and insight suggestions to make them more relevant. It’s like giving the user “peripheral vision” that guides them to hidden insights and helps them see the previously unseen. Thus, Qlik delivers the power of AI2, whereby both machine and human become increasingly empowered. Associative Indexing combined with Augmented Intelligence = AI2.

Enterprises need their analytics partners to deliver innovation that drives user intelligence and improves their ability to more easily get value from data,” said Elif Tutuk, Director of Research at Qlik. “Our extensive investment in AI and machine learning is a game changer for users. It expands their ability to easily move through multiple levels of data exploration with confidence, knowing that the system is learning right alongside them, and that each new insight makes them smarter and can lead to new opportunities.”

*Gartner: Augmented Analytics Is the Future of Data and Analytics, 31 October 2018 – ID G00375087


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