Infographic: The Jobs Artificial Intelligence Will Take Over First

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We’re poised for the biggest transformation in the world’s workforce since the industrial revolution, and it’s all thanks to AI. Breakthroughs in technology mean many different jobs – 30% of jobs in Britain – could be changed because of the introduction of automation.

A new infographic by RS Online shows how different sectors in the working world will be affected by artificial intelligence. Some sectors are low-risk, while others will change more dramatically if these predictions come true. Half of the jobs could be taken in some sectors, although this will probably make way for jobs that don’t yet exist, meaning employment opportunities will still be available.

AI has its benefits, too. Monotonous tasks prone to human error can be completed more quickly and accurately by automation, and in-depth research can be conducted quickly, giving humans more time to spend on the narrowed-down results. John Hawksworth, Chief Economist at PwC, also believes this increase in productivity will be crucial for generating wealth.

Take a look at the infographic to see how your sector could be affected in years to come. And let us know in the comments if you think these advances in technology will bring around a positive or negative change.



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  1. Tom Latone says

    And not a word about all the new jobs that will be created. There will be a net increase in the jobs available. Trouble is, more and more people believe they have a right to get paid without working.

  2. Instead of seeing it as AI stealing jobs, you should see how many new jobs AI will be creating, while simultaneously reducing work load and making human lives easier. I think that there is still a lot of work that has to be done when it comes to chatbots in terms of business process integrations, better NLP engine, user experience… and bots are going to be the defacto interaction channel on the de facto personal device, the smartphone. The technology and potential are still in its infancy with the immediate solves being in interaction design, business cases to apply, removing interaction constraints and acceptance. The big win is that the technology has inherent automation, machine learning, and 24 x 7 intelligent availability. We at Engati have started the journey and have been rated one of the best open platforms for building bots by Techworld. Do visit us and provide us with your valuable feedback as we strive for more mainstream acceptance of this technology of the future.