Intel IT Serves Up Innovative Applications of AI, Analytics and Collaboration

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One telling sign that AI industry leading companies truly believe in the technologies they promoting across the globe is how much they’re using these same technologies internally. An excellent case-in-point is Intel IT, the IT services arm of giant Intel Corp.

Intel IT is at the center of expanding AI and machine learning across Intel, helping the company tap into the power of data to improve its analytics capabilities and boost competitive advantage with actionable insights. Intel IT’s hybrid cloud strategy offers the flexibility, scalability, availability, and performance it needs to truly enable digital transformation while aligning with company security policies. In addition, Intel IT is creating a more modern and effective workforce with digitally-literate and technologically-empowered employees.

Intel IT plays an often invisible yet critically important role in propelling the company forward. For example, by using machine learning and predictive analytics, Intel IT has helped speed the time-to-market of new products by 52 weeks. Deploying solutions such as one-click video meetings, mobile capabilities for frequently-used applications and easier deployments and upgrades of employee PCs have saved the company the equivalent of 933,000 people hours per quarter.

These and other success stories can be found in the 2018-2019 Intel IT Annual Performance Report  which has just been released. Among the notable insights:

  • Intel established a corporate data office to act as a one-stop-data shop which allowed it to improve the management of Intel’s data assets (315 petabytes and counting). This data as a service lets employees access the quality data they need so it can be easily analyzed and shared across businesses and systems (Page 7 of report)
  • Intel’s supply chain includes 600 facilities in 63 countries, 19,000 suppliers and 2,000 customers, while fulfilling 1 million orders and shipping 1 billion units each year. To stay ahead of this complex supply chain, Intel IT applies AI and advanced analytics to optimize parts delivery across businesses and suppliers and reduce bill of materials costs for new systems and boards (Page 9 of report)
  • The Sales Assist AI platform pilot collects and analyzes data to help account managers engage with customers more effectively; using this AI platform has contributed to a $46 million increase in sales (Page 10 of report)
  • Intel IT uses AI to produce powerful automation tools that can greatly increase the amount of issues identified in product validation; Intel’s product validation cycle is expected to improve in efficiency by 20 percent by 2020 (Page 10 of report)

Contributed by Daniel D. Gutierrez, Managing Editor and Resident Data Scientist for insideBIGDATA. In addition to being a tech journalist, Daniel also is a consultant in data scientist, author, educator and sits on a number of advisory boards for various start-up companies. 

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