Things You Need to Know About Looking for a Data Science Job in 2019

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It’s no secret that data science is the proclaimed sexiest job out there these days. Everyone is clamoring to get the necessary training to qualify for a high-paying job in data science. It is particularly appealing that this may be the type of job that actually revolutionizes the way things are done in nearly every aspect of marketing.

Of course, as a student preparing to graduate with a degree in data science, you are already aware of this aspect. You were early to jump onto the bandwagon and are nearly ready to dive into the real world and make a difference out there. The first step is landing that dream position as a data scientist.

There are numerous things to be aware of as you begin the job search. Many apply to any traditional job hunt, but others are important for those going into the field of data science to consider. As graduation looms upon you and preparing for a real job becomes more of a reality, here are a few things to take into account:

Back to Basics

First and foremost, when searching for any job it is critical to make sure you have the basics down. This includes things such as making certain your resume is up to date and adequately details your education and previous work experience. Ask yourself about the value of everything you include in your resume. Are there some personal details that you shouldn’t include? Excessive irrelevant details can actually hurt your chances of being selected for an interview.

Another thing to take into consideration is the changing platforms for reaching out to potential employers. Although traditional methods of catching employer attention, such as job fairs and responding to outreach events, are still important, new ones are up and coming. Platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are great ways to find and engage potential employers. The next steps include completing a full profile and following and engaging with companies you’re interested in working for.

There are also a number of things to adjust in your social media profiles to make them interview ready. It is critical to remove any potentially damaging comments or pictures that would turn employers off. Social media can ruin your online reputation, and a negative reputation can bar you from getting the job you want. When it comes to job hunting, managing your online reputation is a must in this new digital landscape.

Realities of the Field

Beyond the basics that apply to nearly every job search, begin to seek out some of the realities of job hunting in the data science field. Furthermore, take a deeper look at what job expectations should be like and set your sights at a reasonable level. When planning your career in data science, be sure to talk with professionals already in the field to get a grasp on what to expect.

Additionally, examine different specialties and position yourself to jump into one that interests you, whether that be data base management, marketing strategy, or coding. Of course, be realistic about the job market, as well as how others will perceive you. Regardless of your specialty, most will consider you the all-encompassing expert that understands literally everything related to data science and management.

Although many people within the field of data science are very happy with their jobs, there are a number of things that can be challenging — for instance, balancing expectations with actual work on the job. There are thousands of big ideas floating around data science, but actually implementing them is a challenge for many companies. They often are not adequately prepared to fully invest in these advancements, which can make tackling large, game-changing projects more difficult for data science employees.

An Ever-Changing Market

With the rapid changes in technology and data science in general, it is also valuable to be aware of how rapidly the market can change. For instance, developments such as artificial intelligence will continue to transform the job market of nearly every industry, data science included. New employees should work to adapt and continue to develop new skills that will keep them at the leading edge of hiring.

This ability to continue to learn new skills is an important part of determining the quality of a job offer. Although there will certainly be some repetition in any job, finding one where you are continually exposed to new skills and ideas can be valuable in maintaining your own marketability. When you find that you are no longer learning or growing within the company, it may be time to begin the job search all over again.

The traditional amount of time that one is expected to remain with a single company is changing just as quickly and the tech and data science markets are expanding. Just a few decades ago, it was commonplace for people to stay with a single company for 10, 20, or even 30 years. Now, it is more common for individuals to move around every 2-4 years in order to gain a wide breadth of experience and knowledge.

As you graduate from your data science program and begin looking for a position in your field there are a number of things to be aware of. Of course, be certain to dot all your Is and cross all your Ts when it comes to reaching out to employers and developing a professional resume. Within the data science field, do some research to be certain your expectations meet reality. Find a position where you will continue to learn and grow as an employee.

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  1. Thanks for the advice Avery. The jobs market is so messy now I get a bit lost trying to keep up and stand out from the crowd. Last months hot new development is old hat by the next month 🙁