Informatica Announces Enterprise Data Catalog Integrations With Microsoft, Tableau, and Databricks

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Informatica, the enterprise cloud data management leader, announced the industry’s most comprehensive enterprise-scale intelligent data catalog, enhanced with technology innovations and tight strategic-partner integrations. The Informatica® Enterprise Data Catalog (EDC) creates a “catalog of catalogs” with AI-driven data discovery across multi-cloud and hybrid environments, providing broad metadata connectivity to support organizations in driving their data-driven digital transformations.

By enabling easy discovery and understanding of data across the enterprise, the Informatica EDC allows enterprises to fully leverage their data for greater business insights and value. In addition, expanded integrations with Tableau, and new EDC metadata scanners for Delta Lake, the open source project from Databricks, and Microsoft Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2, further enable Informatica EDC customers to build a strategic approach to analytics modernization.

“As the strategic importance of enterprise data grows, data cataloging has become a foundational requirement for successful analytics initiatives, which is confirmed by the 110 percent year-over-year growth in Informatica’s EDC customer base,” said Ronen Schwartz, senior vice president and general manager, data integration, big data, and cloud, Informatica. “The new Informatica EDC product capabilities and expanded integrations with our key ecosystem partners Microsoft, Tableau, and Databricks deliver unmatched value for our mutual customers, enabling them to leverage EDC metadata-driven intelligence as the foundation for data-driven transformations.”

With the explosion of data increasing yearly — 20.6 zettabytes in global data center traffic is anticipated by 2021 with 500 million business data users and growing* — the Informatica EDC is the only solution to provide all the capabilities required to meet enterprise-scale data cataloging needs:

  • Broad and deep metadata connectivity across the full spectrum of data sources and applications — including on-premises data warehouses, data lakes, cloud data stores, ETL tools, business intelligence tools, SaaS, and other enterprise applications.
  • Broad and deep lineage and impact analysis to understand the provenance of critical data in a dynamic data landscape and assess the impact of making changes.
  • Data collaboration and social curation enables crowdsourced data curation, including from certifications, ratings and reviews, and Q&A forums to bring otherwise siloed data knowledge to the forefront.
  • Support for varied use cases, ranging from self-service analytics to data governance, cloud modernization, and master data management.
  • Enterprise-scale data discovery and cataloging across millions of datasets, whether located on-premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid combination of data sources.

New Support for Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2

A new native metadata scanner for Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS) Gen2 allows customers to scan and catalog data assets across their enterprise — on-premises, in the cloud, and with big data. With EDC support for ADLS Gen2, customers can leverage the industry’s leading data catalog to discover and understand their data assets to enable a strategic approach to cloud modernization.

Tableau Dashboard Extension

Building on Informatica’s existing integrations and partnership with Tableau, a new Tableau Dashboard Extension enables EDC from within the Tableau platform. The new integration accelerates self-service analytics by empowering business users to discover and understand relevant data in the context of their Tableau dashboards. Tableau customers can better leverage the AI-powered data discovery, curation, and collaboration capabilities within Informatica EDC to find and understand relevant, trusted data to fuel their self-service analytics.

EDC Metadata Scanner for Delta Lake, Open Source Project from Databricks

A new metadata scanner allows customers to discover, understand, and catalog data assets across the enterprise for analytics initiatives. The Informatica EDC Metadata Scanner for Delta Lake provides comprehensive data visibility — with business context — enabling agile development of data integration pipelines and an end-to-end view of lineage to support data governance. It also provides data engineers and data scientists with easy, holistic visibility of data lifecycles in Databricks’ Unified Analytics Platform, enabling agile data preparation, data science, and machine-learning from development to production. These features allow joint Informatica and Databricks customers to modernize their analytics infrastructures to power their data-driven digital transformations.

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